Top 10 Online Stores For Summer Clothes 2020

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m still a little wary of going into stores & trying clothes on, so I’ve mostly been shopping online this spring/summer! Since I’m sure you have been shopping online quite a bit, I thought I’d share my top 10 online stores for summer clothes!

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7 Spring Outfit Ideas For High School Girls

Hey guys! I hope you’re all safe & well at home! It’s been quite a while since my last outfit post so I decided to put together some cute outfits for spring & take some photos. I hope you guys will enjoy & will be inspired to have some fun and find some cute outfits to wear once we’re out of quarantine! 🙂

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4 Winter Outfit Ideas For Highschool & Teenage Girls

Hey guys! Who else is starting to kind of get tired of winter? Ahh, I’m so ready for it to FINALLY be summer! To cheer up your winter blues, I’ve got 4 super cute winter outfit ideas, to help you wrap up the winter season. Many of these can work for early spring/fall too!

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Top 10 Online Shopping Boutiques For 2020

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love online shopping and checking out all the gorgeous online boutiques! There are so many great online boutiques out there, but is it just me, or are they sort of hard to find? I know I’ve certainly had trouble finding good online boutiques to shop from. In this post, I thought I’d sum up my top 10 favorite online shopping boutiques for 2020! These shops are all selling cute, classy, trendy & fashionable clothing & accessories!

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10 Shopping Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I love shopping! But let’s be real, it can get expensive, and you can easily spend $$$ on just a few pieces of clothing. In today’s post I’ll be sharing 10 of my best tips & tricks for saving money while shopping!

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Cozy & Casual Fall OOTD ft. Simplicity Edith Co

Hey guys! I’m back with a cozy & casual fall OOTD idea. I love putting outfits together, and it’s fun sharing them here on the blog! This is one of my favorite fall outfits this season. I absolutely love the long cardigan look with a basic tee and jeans. This particular outfit is perfect for chilly fall days where you still want to look put-together and cute, but also want to stay warm and cozy. 🙂

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4 Of My Go-To Outfits For Early Fall

Hey guys! Fall is seriously my favorite season for clothes and fashion! The cozy sweaters, boots, plaid shirts, guys I could go on and on. XD And it’s so much easier to be modest in the fall. Anyway, for today’s post I’m going to be sharing 4 of my go-to outfits for early fall.

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You Asked, I’m Answering {Answering Your Questions}

Hey guys! You guys came up with so many great questions, and I had such a fun time answering them. I’m sure you’re eager to read, so I won’t keep you any more with a boring intro!

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My Favorite (modest + inexpensive) Clothing Stores

Hey guys! I’m so excited for you all to read this post! Something quite a few of you said in my recent survey was that you had trouble finding modest but also relatively inexpensive clothing. And I get it. It’s super challenging. However, I’ve recently done a lot of research on this, and believe it or not, I’ve actually found quite a few great places, with a variety of styles and options!

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Vacation OOTD Ideas ft. abby @sunshinesoul

Hey guys! Today I’m pairing up with Abby at her new blog Sunshine Soul for this vacation OOTD ideas post. I’ve been super excited for this, and I actually took the photos for this post while on vacation. Let’s get into it!

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