You Need To Try This New Hair Accessory | My Favorite Hair Clips

Hey friends! I’m not sure if you saw me unboxing the absolutely adorable hairclips the other day from View from the Farm (if you missed that, make sure to check it out here)! I’ve been seeing these clips all over Pinterest for the past couple of months and then when I got these, I just HAD to share how I’ve been styling them (basically 24/7) 😂 One of my absolute favorite things about these hairclips is how easy and good they are for your hair. I’ll usually pull my hair back on and off during the day (especially during the summer) and these make it SO EASY and they’re great for your hair!

Disclaimer: View from the Farm did kindly send me these hair clips to share with you guys in this post but all opinions are my own and I definitely would not share these with you guys if I didn’t love them myself! Make sure to check out View from the Farm’s adorable hairclips!

Mauve Portland Hair Claw

This style is by far the most popular that I’ve seen and isn’t it just adorable!? I love this one particularly because of the matte finish and mauve color, which is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear currently! 🙂

Miami Rectangle Hair Claw

Another super fun and trendy claw clip! This one is my favorite for doing ponytails with and I absolutely love the clean lines along with the more modern look of this claw clip!

Paris Hair Claw

This one is similar to the last rectangle claw clip, but it’s much smaller making it perfect for half up hairstyles or if you have shorter hair. I also just love the tortoise shell design – they have multiple colors if the typical black and tan aren’t your thing!

Salam Twisted Hair Claw

This is another fun one! I love it for putting my hair up in a twist or using it for half-up hairstyles. The twist design makes it a little more unique and I love the silky satin finish on it!

Teardrop Hair Clips

These are my favorite minimal hair clips for twisting a little bit of my hair pack or holding the pieces that fall out from the back of a messy bun. Super cute and I absolutely love the neutral beige color! These go with everything and are super easy to dress up and down!

Autumn Trio Hair Clips

This set actually just came in recently and it’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming fall months (who else can’t believe that we’re over halfway through summer? 😲). I’m so excited to wear these all autumn long – aren’t the colors just perfect!?

Tortoise Shell Rectangle Hair Clips

These might be my favorite resin hair clips that I’ve tried, especially for summer! The design is so pretty and I’ve loved pairing it with all my favorite white tops for summer!

I hope you guys enjoyed those ideas and make sure to check out all the adorable hair clips! They’re great quality, affordable and super cute – I absolutely love them!

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❤ Hannah

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