thoughts on this blog + what would you like to see?

Hey guys! Let me just preface this by saying: I’m not leaving, or switching blogs. And nope, I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon. (you’re stuck with me for quite a while longer 😉 XD) But I did want to hop on here today to share a few ideas, and to ask you guys what you want to see on here in the coming months.

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12 Tips For A Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

Hey guys! You all seem to really enjoy my other bedroom tips posts, so I thought I’d do a post with tips for a cozy minimalist bedroom. This style has been super popular, and it’s just so cute! I’m excited to share some tips for creating your own, trendy, cozy minimalist bedroom!

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8 Resources That Every Christian Girl Needs

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I really love finding inspiring and encouraging Christian resources! It’s so neat to hear from other people and grow in my faith journey. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 8 of my favorite Christian resources. They’re all super great, bibically based organizations, and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! 🙂

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4 Winter Outfit Ideas For Highschool & Teenage Girls

Hey guys! Who else is starting to kind of get tired of winter? Ahh, I’m so ready for it to FINALLY be summer! To cheer up your winter blues, I’ve got 4 super cute winter outfit ideas, to help you wrap up the winter season. Many of these can work for early spring/fall too!

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12 Lifestyle Tips For Teenage Girls 2020

Hey guys! I did a post on lifestyle tips for teenage girls last year around this time, and it was super popular, so here I am! I’ve included some tips from last time and also a ton of new tips. Here are 12, non-cheesy, non-cliche and actually helpful lifestyle & fashion tips for teenage girls!

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Top 10 Online Shopping Boutiques For 2020

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love online shopping and checking out all the gorgeous online boutiques! There are so many great online boutiques out there, but is it just me, or are they sort of hard to find? I know I’ve certainly had trouble finding good online boutiques to shop from. In this post, I thought I’d sum up my top 10 favorite online shopping boutiques for 2020! These shops are all selling cute, classy, trendy & fashionable clothing & accessories!

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How To Be A Christian Witness In High School (Practical Tips & Ideas)

Hey guys! High school. It can be kind of a super crazy place sometimes, amiright? Even as a homeschooler, many of my friends go to school and they’ve told me that sometimes high school is a less than Christian place to be. I also realize that many/most homeschoolers have at least some interaction with public school, whether that be through sports, clubs, etc. In today’s post, I’m going to share a few super practical tips on how to actually share your faith with others in high school.

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10 Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Hey guys! Is it just me, or do bedrooms always seem to be sooo small, especially when you’re sharing with a sibling. Things can get a cluttered feel easily. (even if you don’t have a ton of stuff) But there are few tips & tricks you can do to easily make your small bedroom feel SO. MUCH. BIGGER., it’s honestly kind of amazing how much these tips can help!

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Mini Giveaway (Pura Vida, Starbucks & Scrunchies!!)

Hey guys! AHH, I just can’t believe that this blog has over 1500 followers! To celebrate this momentous event in the life of SP, I decided to host a mini giveaway. The giveaway includes a Pura Vida bracelet & stickers, a Starbucks gift card, and 2 SP Scrunchies! If these prizes sound interesting, then continue reading to learn how to enter!

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Cozy Winter Aesthetics (+ 1 Year Anniversary of Aesthetics)

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started making aesthetics. I remember I was out of post ideas one day, so I decided to put some cute photos together from Pinterest, then I shared them in this post. Since then, they’ve kind of become a “thing” around here, and you guys always seem to enjoy them. In today’s post I’ll be sharing some cozy winter aesthetics – get ready for fairy lights, chunky knit blankets, and warm cups of tea!