Hey guys! I don’t know about you but even though it’s still warm outside here in OH, fall has arrived everywhere else ๐Ÿ˜‚ and I’m loving it! I definetly love warm summer days and the whole vibe of summer, but fall has such a nice routine to it and also it’s nice to have cooler weather. To celebrate that it’s *almost* (depdending on when you read this) fall I thought it would be fun to share some of my fall bucket list ideas and some aesthetic fall photos. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully it will give you inspo for your BUJO or just for some fall festivities with friends!

1 . Visit a pumpking patch
2. Football games
3. Get a PSL from Starbucks
4. Make caramel apples
5. Corn maze

6. Buy cozy flannels
7. Wear comfy sweaters
8. Bake a pie
9. Paint leaves
10. Hayride

11. Fall photoshoot w/ friends
12. Buy fall candles
13. Hiking
14. Carve pumpkins
15. Decorate for fall

16. Fall trail ride
17. Apple picking
18. Try apple cider doughnuts
19. Go to a sunflower patch
20. Thrift shop for sweaters

21. Buy cozy fall socks
22. Create an Autumn bouquet
23. Have a movie night
24. Have a bonfire
25. Wear boots

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and make sure to let me know your favorite fall bucket list ideas in the comments down below! Also, if you’re looking for some cute fall fits, scrunchies & stickers make sure to check out my fall collection in the shop!

โค Hannah

P.S. You’ll *most likely* be getting two posts from me this week since I didn’t end up getting this posted last week ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

Note: All photos from Pinterest except first one/ featured image. Credit goes to rightful owners.

20 thoughts on “25 FALL BUCKET LIST Ideas

  1. Got an email today about the new Christmas things in your shop and I just wanted to say that what you sell is so charming and Iโ€™m proud of how far youโ€™ve come from when you first started.
    Also, the pictures you take are well done.


  2. Oh my GOODNESS the aesthetics in this post are making my heart so happy. โค I've knocked a lot of items off my fall bucket list so far but I still have a lot to go! My favorite fall bucket list idea was going to a pumpkin patch (well it was more like a pumpkin stand), which I finally did last week!

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