Trying Out The Hair Clip Trend – My Thoughts + How To Style

Hey guys! Soooo, this is a trend I’ve been wanting to style for quite a while now! It’s so cute & classy – which I love so much! I also like how easy hair clips are to style! I recently bought some pearl clips and am so excited to share a couple of styles I’ve tried out recently! Who knew my favorite 7 year old self hairstyle would come back in style!? 😝

I found these hair clips from Malionne Hair on Etsy and YOU GUYS, they are literally that good! (btw. I know I do product reviews on here sometimes, but this isn’t one of them, I bought these myself and just had to share them because they’re THAT GOOD!!) They’re only $2.50 each, and are super good quality! I was a little worried about their quality at first because of the low price, but I didn’t want to spend a lot on hair clips so I decided to try them out and I’m so glad I did! The packaging was also super cute and the shop owner included three little hair bands in the package as well! Okay, I’ll stop talking so this entire post doesn’t sound like an ad.

A couple of weeks ago I cut my hair a little bit shorter (if you’re on my site you can see from the profile picture ✨) and have seen so many cute hair clip styles with short hair, so here you go! Also, I’m sure that these would work on longer hair or more medium length hair! They’re so quick and easy too, no heat, tools, etc. needed! I did curl my hair for these pictures though, but the clips look great with curled hair, straight hair or anything in-between!

Half Up With Rectangle Clip

Twisted To The Side

Layered In The Front

Single Triangle Clip To The Side

I hope you guys like trying these out! A couple of these you could even try out with basic bobby pins! Before you go, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hair clips out there! Perfect as gifts as we start getting closer to the holiday’s! (again nothings sponsored)

Deb Hair Clips Set of 3 From Roolee – A little bit on the pricier side, but oh so cute and I think that these would make a wonderful gift!

Variety Hair Clip Set of 20 from Amazon – A super great deal on these and they all look so cute! Keep some for yourself and use the others as gifts for all your friends!

Enamel Wave Hair Barrettes (Set of 2) from Pura Vida – Super unique and also super adorable! My favorites are the light pink! I feel like these would just be perfect for summertime!

Pearl Hair Clips from MalionneHair on Etsy – Sold individually or as a pack! My favorites, super high quality, quick shipping and ahh, you guys, I just love these so much!!

Acrylic/ Resin Hair Clips Set of 10 from Amazon – Again, a super great price and cute variety! I like how in this pack they include a rectangle clip and a triangle clip in each of the designs.

I hope those will be helpful for you guys! Enjoy browsing them – they’re all just so fun!

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♥ Hannah

11 thoughts on “Trying Out The Hair Clip Trend – My Thoughts + How To Style

  1. So cute! Your hair is adorable. I actually cut mine short again too, a week or two ago. I used to have mine pretty long (hips, maybe?), but decided to cut it in June… And I love it, short!! It’s so cute and a total 1950’s style and I just love it. 😊
    Have a great day!

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  2. so cute! i love your hair! i have been getting into the claw clip trend and im loving them! i guess now i have to try the clips now. 🙂 thanks for the tips!!

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  3. Hm, I guess I never knew that those hair styles had gone out of style. 😂😂 But I don’t really keep up with very many trends. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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