Pumpkins & Sunflowers – Aesthetic Fall Photoshoot

Hey guys! I haven’t posted any fall photos on here yet but the other day one of my friend’s and I went to a pumpkin & sunflower patch and I just had to share some of the photos we got with you all! My friend actually just got a new camera (it’s so good you guys!!), so we thought we should do a fall photoshoot and she had the idea of this super cute fall pumpkin & sunflower patch. It was chilly the day we went but we still had so much fun and I can’t wait to share some of the photos!

Let’s start with the sunflowers, where I think we had the most success! They I was actually really surprised that there were so many sunflowers with how cold it’s been and also how few pumpkins there were left. I must say though, the sunflowers made for a most lovely backdrop! πŸ₯°

This is my new phone lockscreen, isn’t it just gorgeous and so aesthetic!?
My lovely friend πŸ₯°

And a few more that were just way to pretty to edit with Lightroom presets. πŸ˜‰

Don’t these almost look like faux flowers, but also so real at the same time. I love the bright yellow color! πŸ’›

I think that’s all of the sunflower photos! Let’s move on to a couple of the zinnias:

Doesn’t this just look so magical!?
Again, the LR presets just made these next few look funky, so I kept them natural.

And last but not least, PUMPKINS! The pumpkin patch had a decent amount of pumpkins, especially considering that it was one of their last weekends, but it was still a little barren. But, lucky for us, when we got pack to parking and shopping area, there was a cute little wagon filled with pumpkins. We couldn’t help but get a few photos…

And here’s a couple more of when we were back at the food/shopping/parking area:

Warm apple cider doughnuts! So good! 🍩

Ahh, what a fun time that was! 😊 I hope you guys enjoyed this and don’t forget to let me know about your fall adventures in the comments below!

❀ Hannah

P.S. Don’t forget to share you favorite photo from this photoshoot on Pinterest! πŸ₯°

10 thoughts on “Pumpkins & Sunflowers – Aesthetic Fall Photoshoot

  1. Ooh, so beautiful and crisp and aesthetic!!! I think that first photo is my favorite. πŸ˜‰ Also, I’m curious; what kind of camera does your friend have now?


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