How To Instantly Upgrade Your Outfit With Dainty Necklaces

Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things is to add a dainty necklace (or two) to an outfit. It just dresses the outfit up a little bit and makes it look like you tried, which let’s be honest, who doesn’t want!? And the nicest thing about dainty necklaces is that you can wear them with anything! Wear them to make your sweats outfit look more put-together or wear them with a cute dress! If you didn’t know, I love jewelry that goes with everything, is versatile and simple – so that’s basically what this post is all about!

Also, none of the items in this post are sponsored or a collaboration or anything. I did link most of the necklaces featured in this post, because I personally always like to know where people get their clothing & accessories from. Everything in this post I bought with my own money or it was gifted to me!

Tips For Upgrading Your Outfits With Dainty Necklaces:

1. Choose necklaces that are simple & minimalist.

Avoid clunky or chunky big designs and styles. You want the necklace to be simple, elegant and dainty. Also avoid big charms or several small charms, if you’re looking to go with a more minimal look.

2. Don’t be afraid of chokers.

When chokers first came out, I’ll be honest – I really didn’t like them. And I still don’t like the lace chokers with charms or even the velvet ones. I’ve never worn one and probably never will. XD However, after the whole choker idea was popular, somebody got smart and started making chokers that are made out of regular necklace material and are dainty, cute & classy! My whole thinking on chokers was forever changed!

3. Try layering your necklaces.

Some necklaces come layered which is great, but my favorite thing is just buying necklaces and layering them myself, rather than going with already layered necklaces. This gives you so many more options with how you layer your necklaces to mix and match perfectly for every outfit!

Tip: When layering necklaces, stick with just one metal tone (gold, silver, rose gold, etc) for a more clean & chic look!

4. Keep the rest of your jewelry dainty & minimal.

If you’re wearing other jewelry along with your necklace/s, try to keep your other jewelry as simple, dainty & minimal as possible. Avoid chunky rings, bracelets or other jewelry. This will keep your entire look clean, elegant, dainty and all the things we want our jewelry to look like, right!? The one exception to this “rule” of sorts is earrings. You can totally pair some macramé or resin/acrylic dangles and also chunky stud earrings with your favorite dainty jewelry. Keep in mind that these will be more of a focal point, but it definitely works! ✨

5. Stick with just one monogrammed necklace.

This one might be more obvious! 😉 I think that we all have those name or initial necklaces that we’ve been given as gifts or have just collected over the years – and they’re super cute… but not all together. To keep things minimal and to keep the focus on the monogrammed necklace, I like to just stick with one at a time and then maybe layer another simple necklace.

Jewelry Featured In This Post:

Alright you guys, that’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to save this post for later on Pinterest, like, subscribe and comment down below your favorite tips for styling dainty necklaces! Also, if you have a favorite necklace I’d love to hear about it in the comment down below!

♥ Hannah

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4 thoughts on “How To Instantly Upgrade Your Outfit With Dainty Necklaces

  1. Great tips! Megan and I both have that exact same star necklace, haha. It’s so pretty! I don’t like chunky necklaces, but I do find myself most often wearing two long gold necklaces I have, one with gold circles and one with gold… circles. XD Well they’re different but hard to describe. Anyway, I love minimal long necklaces because I often wear solid colored shirts or dresses that need a little something to break it up. 🙂 I haven’t tried layering necklaces much but maybe I should!

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