DIY Pompom Wall-hanging!

Isn’t this wall-hanging gorgeous? I love how it makes me feel all warm and cozy! Today I thought it would be fun to show you guys how to make it! It’s super inexpensive and easy if not a bit time consuming! πŸ˜‰





First you will need to choose 2 colors of yarn, I chose a simple white and a multicolored soft color mix!


Altogether you will need 9 pompoms, I made mine about 1 1/2 inch, but you can make yours smaller or bigger if you’d like.


You will also need to think about the order of the pompoms, I made mine into a 3 by 3 square.

Let’s get started with the pompoms!!


(apologizes for the quality of the photos in this first category, somebody wanted to start her project at night and take photos with terrible lighting.) XD

Start with a piece of cardboard, 3″ by 7″.


Next wrap the yarn around the 3″ side. (150 times for fine yarn, 130 times for medium yarn and 100 times for bulky yarn)


Slip the yarn off of the cardboard and tie another piece of yarn around it, as shown below.


Tie the yarn into a very tight knot.


Cut the yarn loops and give the pompom an allover haircut!


Keep making pompoms until you have 9 (or however many you wanted)

-Sewing the pompoms together-

Note: You will be sewing pompoms into rows and then connecting the rows.

Thread a needle with embroidery floss (or yarn) and stick it through 1 of the edge pompoms.


Then sew together the other 2 pompoms in that row and tie a knot.


Complete the above steps with the other 2 rows.


Sew together rows as you did the individual pompoms.


Now you should have one piece with 9 pompoms in it.

-Tying the Strings-

Using the yarn that you used for the pompoms, cut 15″ lengths of it for the string below the pompom piece.


Cut a dowel rod to the size of the pompom piece.


Begin tying the yarn onto the dowel rode, as shown below.


Continue this, alternating colors until you have finished the entire dowel rode.


Hot Glue the ends, to prevent the yarn from slipping off.

Icky glue gun, I know. It’s not exactly mine, you see my brothers use it too. XD

Neatly Hot Glue over the yarn pieces as shown in the picture below:


Press the glued side of the dowel rode covered in yarn onto the back of the pompom piece.


-The Finishing Touches-

To finish off the wall-hanging glue another dowel rod to the top of the pompom piece. Be sure to be a neat gluer!


Tie a piece of yarn to edges of the top dowel rod and hang!




Cute isn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! Also, I’m super excited for the next part of the Decorator Weight Fabric series on Thursday, plus another exciting post after that! Have a wonderful Tuesday! Au Revoir!

Did you enjoy this DIY?

Will you make this wall-hanging?

Have you ever made anything like this before?

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P.S. One of my blogging friends had a great idea, that I wanted to share with you! Make sure toΒ check it out!!

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