Summer Closet Must-Have Clothes & Accessories For 2021

Hey friends! I have not done a fashion or style related post on here in forever and with summer basically here, I knew I had to do a summer closet staples post! I love comfy, casual & cute clothes for the summer with a laid-back beachy vibe (hey, isn’t that the whole vibe of summer anyway!?) but also with some structure & clean lines. If you’re at all into those style aesthetics, make sure to continue reading!

Oversized Tees

I love some good oversized tees, especially tucked in with athletic shorts or jean shorts, or even a skirt! Some of my favorite designs include adorable oversized Comfort Colors tees, tie dye, vintage tees and beachy tees. My absolute favorite place to get the vintage & beachy tees is a local thrift store which has $1 days where literally everything is $1 (yes, it’s amazing!!). However, I know that me talking about my local thrift store is not super helpful for you guys so if you don’t have a local thrift store, make sure to check out Poshmark which is basically a giant online thrift store. I’ve found so many cute tees on there and if you look, you can find specific brands for really cheap!

Dainty Necklaces

I just did a post on dainty jewelry here, so I won’t go into too much detail but needless to say, I absolutely love adding a dainty necklace (or several 😉) to every outfit. I think it makes the whole outfit look that much more put together and cute!


Having a couple pairs of sandals around in the summer (and maybe some crocs too!?) is an absolute must! I love my Birkenstocks and wear them all the time, but I’ve also been wearing these and these dressier sandals from Target. They’re super comfy & affordable as well, so win-win right!?

Paper Bag Shorts

One of my absolute favorite summer staples! I love how easy these are to pull on and also how effortlessly trendy and fashionable they are. My favorite ways to style them are with a basic rib knit tank (this one from Target is one of my favorites, it’s only $8 and comes in so many fun colors). If you’re looking to add a couple pairs to your closet, these on Amazon are just the cutest! I have them in the dark blue/ white stripes.

Light Wash Mom Jeans

Super comfy and flattering, these jeans have quickly become some of my favorites! They’re the best for pairing with anything from a t-shirt, blouse or tank top (again, those rib knit ones from Target are great!!). My favorite, super high quality pair of mom jeans are from American Eagle here!

Jean Shorts

Maybe the most versatile summer wardrobe staple!? American Eagle and Target make my favorite denim shorts and I absolutely love how they’re getting more creative with the washes, fits and styles! As I mentioned a minute ago, jean shorts are just so versatile and if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend getting some in a couple different washes/ styles to mix and match all summer!

Basic T-Shirt Dress

Another summer must-have! Having a couple of basic t-shirt dresses is super helpful throughout the spring, summer & even fall months. I love just throwing them on by themselves or with a jean jacket/ cardigan if it’s chillier (or for chilly AC buildings 😉). In my opinion, Old Navy has the best t-shirt dresses – perfect length, fit and super comfy!

Athletic & Biker Shorts

Super comfy and casual, athletic shorts (specifically biker shorts) are definitely a must have for summer. If you haven’t heard of them, biker shorts are basically like leggings as longer shorts. They’re super trendy right now and I finally bought a pair a couple weeks ago from TJMaxx (now I’m obsessed and want them in all sorts of colors & prints). Of course basic athletic shorts from Nike & Under Amour are also must-haves as well!

Friendship Bracelets + Scrunchies + Anklets

All the accessories that make the outfit, amiright!? Pura Vida is the perfect place for all of your beachy summer accessory shopping! I just grabbed a bunch of their original and braided bracelets to mix, match and stack all summer long. Also, just fyi: I’ve found that with Pura Vida their anklets and bracelets are basically interchangeable (the anklets are a little longer/ bigger but I’ve found that they still work as bracelets.

I might be a little biased but I’m absolutely love the scrunchies and accessories from the SP Shop! Make sure to check out our keychains, scrunchies & sticker collection for this summer!

Flowy Summer Dress

Nothing screams summer like some lovely flowy dresses! I love dressing up in a cute dress, romper or jumpsuit paired with some cute sandals (and maybe a necklace or two from Maple Lane Jewelry). If you’re looking for some great flowy & girly dress options for this summer, make sure to check out Target, Altar’d State and Lulus!

I hope you guys enjoyed these summer closet staples ideas and make sure to let me know what YOUR summer closest staples are in the comments below!

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❤ Hannah

19 thoughts on “Summer Closet Must-Have Clothes & Accessories For 2021

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Great post!!!! I just wanted to tell you that in your bio there’s a typo “God-give” instead of what I assume is supposed to be “God-given”. Again I love your posts! Keep up the great work.

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  2. Great post! I need to get some shorts sooooo bad!! I got rid of all mine from last year and needs buy some more!
    It’s hard when the majority of stores where I live still aren’t allowing you to try things on/the dressing rooms are closed 😕

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    1. Thank you so much! I know it’s so tough! I always end up with tons of clothes to return, it would be so much easier if they just let you try the stuff on. 🙈

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  3. Awesome post! I have almost everything on this post, but I just made a list!
    I changed my pen name- this was ‘clover’)

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  4. OMG oversized tees are the best! I also love paper bag shirts but currently own only one pair😩gotta fix that! Pura vida is awesome!

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