Tips For Styling Trendy Minimal Jewelry + My Favorite Pieces

Hey friends! I’d like to say that I’m the girl who has the perfect jewelry for every occasion and always has a cute dainty necklace on. Haha, nope! The thing is, I really do like wearing jewelry – if I don’t have to think too much about it. Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on growing my jewelry collection and actually wearing the jewelry! (Who else has tons of jewelry that they just don’t wear 🙈!?) I’m super excited to share some of my favorite pieces with you guys in today’s blog post!

Disclaimer: A couple of fabulous jewelry shops did send me a couple items to include in this blog post! However I wouldn’t share/ recommend something with you guys if I did not truly appreciate it myself. 😉 Collaborations like these help me keep this blog going and help me keep putting out new and (hopefully) fun content for you!

I absolutely love these chunky gold hoop earrings! They’re so trendy right now, but also so classic and minimal at the same time. The earrings themselves are super high quality and lightweight – perfect for everyday wear!

When I saw these first come in I knew I had to try them out! I love how they’re reversible and they seem to be super sturdy and high quality. I also think that they’d be perfect for traveling as they’re basically two-in-one earrings!

This herringbone chain necklace is the perfect minimal jewelry piece for layering or wearing alone! It can really go with any other gold necklace and is perfect for everyday or special occasions!

I’ve been wanting an initial necklace like this for so long and so when Maple Lane Jewelry offered to send me this one I was super excited! It definitely lives up to everything I was hoping for (and you know, dreaming of) and more! It’s super high quality, great for layering and on its own!

This is another necklace I’ve seen all over and have wanted for forever! This one is so high quality and just pretty! I love how it can so easily be worn everyday but also dressed up!

These are definitely more of a statement piece than some of the other jewelry in this post, but with the neutral colors and minimal design that they were “minimal” enough to fit in with the rest. 😉 These are super high quality, affordable and fun!

I love how fun and trendy this choker is! It’s perfect for wearing everyday and I love adding it to a basic t-shirt outfit to make everything feel more put together! I will say though that with this one you do get what you pay for. It definitely is not nearly as high quality as some of the other necklaces in this post but I was looking for a cheaper jewelry option so I went ahead and bought it a couple of months ago. It’s great for the price though and is super cute!

These adorable macramé dangle earrings from the SP Shop are just so perfect! I love how they are the perfect combination between minimal and boho! They’re super lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear or for dressing up!

Make sure to use your code SPFAN15 at checkout for 15% off these earrings and everything else in the SP Shop!

I hope you guys enjoyed this roundup of jewelry! I’d love to hear about some of your favorite places to get jewelry and also if you end up trying out any of these pieces! 😊 Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

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❤ Hannah

10 thoughts on “Tips For Styling Trendy Minimal Jewelry + My Favorite Pieces

  1. Wow those are so cute! I love your macrame earrings they are so cute, and they look so professional 😆 I love those hoops too! I have the star necklace 😀

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