How To Wear Basic Tshirts In The Winter

Hey guys! I’m all about clothing items you can wear all year and (maybe more importantly) sharing tips for how to wear clothing items all year. And if you’ve ever read any other fashion posts on my blog, you probably know I love tshirts. Oversized, fitted, vintage, new, patterned, solid, yeah. I love a good basic tshirt. Since I have so many basic tees in my closet I’ve been getting creative about finding ways to wear these tees in the late fall & winter and I thought I’d share my trail & error tips with you guys today!

Also, if you’re anything like me, you just love throwing in a couple seasonal tees into your closet. I recently discovered Texas Sun Co and they have THE MOST adorable tees – especially for fall & winter! Texas Sun Co kindly sent me a couple tshirts to use for this post! Watch out for their tees styled throughout this post! ✨

Stick With Dark Or More Neutral Colors. For some reason, bright colors sometimes remind me more of spring and summer. In fall and winter I usually like to opt for darker or more neutral colors! If you still like adding bright colors and floral prints to your outfits, check out these Rifle Paper Co Lanyards from the shop! They’re perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit!

Try A Long Sleeve Tee. Okay so I know this doesn’t work so well if you’re trying to use items you already have, but if you’re looking to get a few new items, long sleeve tees are the way to go! Over the past year or so I have fallen in love with long sleeve tshirts! They’re so cozy and you can always wear them in the summer with shorts if that’s your thing!

Just Add A Puffer Jacket. This is a super easy look and can be styled up or down! I love pulling my rose gold puffer jacket over a basic t-shirt! If you’re in the market for a new puffer coat I’d suggest getting a solid color one that would go with a lot of the t-shirts you already own!

Tie Up With A Jean Jacket + Skirt. I’ve been seeing the basic tied up t-shirt with a midi skirt all summer, but I think adding a jean jacket into the mix can make the outfit work for both fall and winter!

Layer Up With A Cardigan. Stock up on a couple of cardigans (or if you prefer, flannel button-ups) to layer with your tshirts! I’ve worn a more oversized tee as well as fitted tees and tank tops with cardigans! I love the cozy vibe a cardigan adds to any outfit!

Add A Cargo Jacket. I think the key with wearing a t-shirt in the winter is layer, layer, layer! Adding a comfy cargo jacket to your basic t-shirt outfit makes it work for winter, especially on warmer days when you don’t want to wear a big puffer jacket or if you live in a warmer climate.

Alright you guys, I think that’s it! Oh and don’t forget to go enter the giveaway and check out Texas Sun Company’s adorable products!!

❤ Hannah

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6 thoughts on “How To Wear Basic Tshirts In The Winter

  1. These are all such great tips!! I have to say that I absolutely LOVE wearing my long puffer coat or flannels with any t-shirt for the winter!! Layers are great when going and visiting friends or family, because as soon as you warm up inside, you can just take a layer off! 😂

    Thanks for this amazing post!❤️

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  2. I love seeing this! Recently I got some long sleeved t-shirts, and I agree with you, THEY ARE GREAT!! I live in a pretty cold climate, so I always wear a ton of layers in winter, XD.


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