I also like to sew, sewing is a great way to make gifts, accessories, and décor!

My favorite things to sew are pillows, I love them because they are sew easy to make (like the pun?!)  As I mentioned a little earlier in the post, sewn items make great gifts as it is easy to make them look very professional yet customize them just as well. That is one of the reasons I like sewing sew much(I did it again). Because it is really hard to find clothes, accessories and décor that are just your style why not just make them yourselves that is if you know how.


I have always loved to craft! When I was little I glued tissue paper to a piece of construction paper to make cards and made paper plate clocks with my dad. When I was 8 I learned how to use a sewing machine and have loved to sew with it ever since. By the way, I know this isn’t about crafting but I just love ocean photos so enjoy!