How to make your own tutorial!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to teach you how to make your own tutorial!

  1. Do some research
  2. Look at this tutorial Pompoms!!!!   notice that there are basic instructions, then some variables
  3. Look at this tutorial Card Making notice that there are not basic instructions, just suggestions
  4. Look at this tutorial Beautiful Paper Roses notice that there are only basic instructions
  5. Now that you have done some research you need to decide what type of tutorial you will make
  6. Will you have basic instructions with variables, or suggestions, or maybe just basic instructions
  7. Decide if your tutorial will have pictures or not
  8. Decide what craft you will make
  9. Now that you have all of those things decided you can start your tutorial
  10. First make a list of what supplies you will need for your project, if you want to (and you have a website) you can put a link to the Basic Supplies page of my blog, if you do this then please let me know by filling out the contact information on the Crafts page (for the project section just put “Make your own tutorial”) Also if you using my page on your blog then please put a link to my blog wherever you use the Basic Supplies list, please only use the Basic Supplies list on your blog.
  11. Now you need to make the actual tutorial.
  12. First come up with the time: Time to make: (however long the craft takes you to make and finish, if the project needs drying time be sure to indicate that here.
  13. Next come up with the skill difficulty (how hard the craft is to make)                      Craft difficulty: (put however hard your craft is to make here)
  14. Now right out your instructions, be sure to be as clear as possible
  15. Here are a few examples of bad instructions:
  16. “Cut the paper into small squares”  How small of squares? What paper? The tissue paper or the fancy paper?
  17. “Spread glue on the surface, then add the beads” What surface? What glue? How many beads?
  18. You can clearly see that these instructions would be hard to follow, now lets look at some good examples of clear instructions:
  19. “Cut the tissue paper into  small squares, about 1 inch is good”
  20. “Spread the decoupage glue onto the already sanded thin wood surface, then add about 20 beads or enough to make the piece look pretty”
  21. See how giving good instructions really helps your reader become more successful at the project they are making and helps you to be more successful in your tutorial
  22. Add pictures to your tutorial, more specifically add pictures of the craft coming along and the craft when it is finished.
  23. Publish! Send me your tutorial and I will put a link to it from by blog! GO here Crafts

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