Pretty Candle Holder


I love these, they are soooooo cute and make great presents!!!!

You will need:

Basic Supplies

Jar to decorate (I like a baby food jar, mason jars work really well too, and you could also just decorate the lid of a jar)

Tissue Paper (I like white, but any color is fine)


Paper Cutout (old cards, fancy paper, fabric, or a pressed flower)

Faux or real tea candle

Ribbon or lace, optional

Something to protect your surface, (wax paper is essential, layer it on top of a plastic mat or some newspaper)

Skill level: 3           Time: About 30 minutes, not including drying time

Lets make it!

  1. Cut the tissue paper into small squares, 1 inch works well, personally I never measure, I just cut small squares that are about 1 inch,
  2. Pour the mod-podge into a small dish
  3. Using a foam paintbrush spread the jar with the mod-podge

    Don’t spread the mod-podge on the jar to thickly otherwise, it will take forever to dry
  4. Stick on the tissue paper

    Be careful when sticking on the tissue paper, if you get the paper really soaked into the glue then your project quickly becomes a mess.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, 1-2 times, (don`t put to many layers on or else you won`t be able to see the candle light shining through)
  6. Mod-podge the back of your design then stick it to your jar

    Make sure that you mod-podge over the entire jar when you are finished sticking on the image
  7. Mod-podge over the image and the entire jar
  8. Let dry completely!!! This is super-duper important, over night usually is best
  9. Hot-Glue your ribbon or lace to the jar (if you have it)
  10. Put the tea candle into the jar, light it and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note: It is okay to put a real candle into your jar BECAUSE their is no paper or anything that would catch fire inside of it. Still I like the comfort of using a faux light. 🙂

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    1. Thank You! P.S. Sorry that I didn’t reply for like a month, this comment didn’t show up in my comment section.


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