Super Cute Belt

Who couldn’t love a belt made from ribbon? This belt is super – duper cute but it is also super – duper easy to make! It makes a great gift!

Level: 1 Note: If you don’t know how to sew yet please visit Learn to Sew for more information about sewing.

Time to make:

You will need:

Basic Sewing Supplies

 1 1/2 or 2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon (how much depends on your size, 1 spool is usually enough if you are buying new ribbon)

2 D rings 1 1/2 or 2 inch wide, or if you can`t find D rings you can use O rings instead. (I like to buy old belts from a thrift shop and use the D rings from them instead of buying new ones, they are much cheaper this way)

Lets make it!

  1. Slide a measuring tape  through the belt hoops on a pair of jeans, or other pants. Wrap the measuring tape around you so that it is comfortable around your waist.   Write down that measurement. Double the measurement and add 18 inches. Note: Here is an easy (non realistic) example of what this process would look like:            My waist measurement is 10 inches, double it and I get 20 inches, add 18 inches and I get a total of 38 inches, easy enough.
  2. Cut the ribbon to your total number of inches. (in my example, the number was 38 inches)
  3. Fold the ribbon in half length-wise, (the long way)
  4. Measure a 1 1/2 inch mark down from the fold, mark that measurement.IMG_3611
  5. Slip in the 2 D rings, pin the ribbon all the way up to the fold, make sure the D rings are within the 1 1/2  inch mark.
  6. Sew the 1 1/2 inch mark closed. (make sure that the D rings are in that fold)

    Sew up and down a couple of times to get the stitching really super secure
  7. Now sew all the way down the edge of the ribbon on both sides

    Sew right on the edge of the ribbon so the finished belt looks nice
  8. Now, fold the end over, iron the fold, fold it over once more and sew.
  9. You are finished! Congratulations! Enjoy your new belt, or give it to a friend!

    Here is the finished belt, and another belt that I made using the same instructions (sorry the pic is a tad blurry)

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