Dried Lilac flowers

I’ve made a new and updated DIY Dried Lilac Flower tutorial! Check it out here!

Hello everyone, today I will be showing you how to dry your own lilac flowers. When we think about dried flowers we usually think of dried lavender or roses, but I love the smell of lilacs so I decided to try to dry them. My result was wonderful, hopefully later this summer I will be able to show you how to dry roses too.

You will need:

A lilac bush to pick your flowers from

Paper bags (how many depends on the amount flowers you will be drying)

Clothespins (2 for every bag you dry)

Clothesline (for drying the flowers)

Skill level: 2

Time to make: Harvesting the flowers takes about 10 minutes but you need about a week or two for drying time

  1. Find a lilac bush,IMG_36302. Pick some clusters of flowers 
    Be sure to make sure that it hasn’t rained for the past few days when collecting your flowers otherwise the flowers will be to wet to dry.


3. Pull off the actual flowers and put them into a paper bag

Don’t fill up the bag more then a third of the way. Otherwise they won’t dry properly.

4. Fold the top of the bag over twice so the flowers don’t fall out, take 2 clothespins and hang your bag on the clothesline.

The bag looks a little funny right now doesn’t it

5. Let the bag/bags dry on the line as long as possible (up to a week, but whatever you do don’t leave them out in the rain, just bring them inside)

6. After about a week your flowers will be dry, put them in a Mason jar and enjoy!

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