Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hey guys! One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts (and also a way that is super trendy right now) is using basic kraft paper as the actual gift wrapping, then adding cute gift tags, greenery, ribbon etc. I love the look and so I thought I’d share my tips and the ideas I’ve been using to wrap my gifts this Christmas with kraft paper! ✨

1. Add greenery. This is such a classic and elegant idea that has been revived over the past couple of years! If you have a live tree, you can simply cut a little greenery from the bottom or if you’re looking for something particular check out a local florist shop. I love the simple and elegant look a little greenery brings to the gifts! On a practical note, you’ll want to make sure to add the greenery only a couple of days before actually gifting the gift (or shipping it in the mail) because otherwise the greenery will begin to dry and the needles will fall off and get everywhere.

2. Try stamping the kraft paper. I tried this and just used a simple black stamp and it turned out so cute & classic! You can do the name of the recipient in letter stamps or you could use a festive stamp to make it look like professional wrapping paper. (pc:

3. Add paint strokes to the kraft paper. This is similar to the last step, but I think it really adds a unique and artistic touch. I did this with my gifts using basic white acrylic paint because I love the way white looks with kraft paper and I’m just a huge white fan in general πŸ˜‰. I love how this looks with some red velvet ribbon! (pc:

carousel image 0

4. Layer on an ornament. My cousin actually gave me this idea a couple years ago when she did this with her gifts. I love how creative and unique it is! The ornament can also be part of the gift. You could opt for wood ornaments, glitter ornaments or bulbs. (pc:

5. Put it in a kraft paper bag. This idea is perfect for holiday treats such as cookies, dipped pretzels, puppy chow, etc. or gifts that don’t easily fit in a box or that you don’t have a box for. The basic bag can easily be dressed up with a little ribbon, a gift tag & some greens! (pc:

6. Try cinnamon sticks for a natural touch. I’ve been seeing this idea all over Pinterest this year and it’s just so cute! I love how natural and rustic but still elegant the wrapping looks with the addition of the cinnamon sticks! (pc:


7. Use dried oranges. I think that this might be one of the biggest gift wrapping and holiday decorating trends of 2020. I’ve literally seen it everywhere and it’s just sooooo lovely! You can make them yourself or if you’d prefer to buy some here is a great listing on Etsy. The great thing about these is you can dry (or order πŸ˜‰) a bunch at a time, then use some for gift wrapping and some for decorating! (pc:

8. Add calligraphy or hand-lettering to the wrapping paper. I’ll be honest: I’m not the most talented ever at hand-lettering/ calligraphy XD but I love the idea so much I just had to share it with you guys! Head over to Boxwood Avenue to check out a lovely tutorial on how to do this idea! (pc:

9. Use different sizes of ribbon layered on each other. This is kind of a classic idea, but I really think that it can make the package look such much more elegant, especially if you’re using kraft paper for the wrapping. I’d recommend going with either a patterned thick ribbon and a solid thin ribbon or a solid thick ribbon and patterned thin ribbon. (pc:

10. Add a pompom or tassel. For a more boho touch, I love adding a simple tassel or pompom to the gift wrapping! It’s such an easy and pretty way to dress up the gift a little bit. I like the idea of making your own, but you can definitely buy them as well (this store has a bunch of adorable pompom packs with different themes/ color schemes).

Alright you guys, I think that’s it for ideas – you’ll have to let me know what your favorite kraft paper (or just gift wrapping in general) ideas are! I always love hearing from you guys! 😊

❀ Hannah

All photos featured in this post are from Pinterest, I tried to find links to the original sites whenever possible.

18 thoughts on “Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping Ideas

    1. Thank you so much! I know right, I love using it too! I like how you can add fun and creative touches with ribbon and accessories. I think the kraft paper accentuates the ribbon, gift tags, etc. rather than takes away from them! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ah, these are all so great!!😍 I’m in love with the brown paper! It’s so customizable and neutralβ€”win win! They have the gift bags at Walmart for around $1, and I think those are a great alternative to actually wrapping the presentβ€”with the same look! This was an adorable post, Hannah!

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  2. Woah! So cute! I love the idea! Sadly, I don’t think I will be doing this this year because we don’t have any brown paper, but maybe if I can find some laying around I could try it. πŸ˜‰


  3. Those are really cute!
    My family bought some wrapping paper last year that was kraft paper with lots of festive sayings on it, and we decided to use it this year. (We like having one wrapping paper design per year, or at least, I do)


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