Card Making

I didn’t know what craft I would do for this week but I finally decided on card making. Card making is such a wonderful way to say thanks or to wish someone a happy birthday. Sets of different cards make a great gift too, another fun way of using cards is to display them in your room, I`ll talk more about that later though.

What you need:

Basic Supplies (make sure that you have most everything on this list as this project requires many basic tools and supplies listed here)

Embellishments, (ribbon, fancy papers, colored pens, stamps, etc.)

Level: 1             Time: For each card about 7 minutes

Lets make it:

I don’t really think that I need to teach anyone how to make cards, but I thought I would give you some suggestions for what I did

Note: You can easily use pre-made cards for these designs like I did. Or cut card stock and using a ruler and scissors make your own

For this card I used washi tape to create a top boarder, then I cut a flower shape from fancy paper, traced around it with a marker, then stamped “Thank You” on it


For this pretty card I cut a heart out of fancy paper, and attached lovely yarn and flat  lace with glue dots


I used a pre-made card for this card design then I attached a colored paper heart (I love 💕) then I sort of stuck washi tape in a folded design onto the heart


This card is super unique, it was already embossed then I drew in the center line with a marker. After that I drew a 2 inch circle and used a small stamp pad to make a blotchy design then I stuck on a flower sticker


You could make a cute card banner by cutting a piece of string and using mini clothes pins pin the cards to the string, now hang it up and you have an adorable card banner!!!!!

Have a great week!!!!!




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