Envelope stamp seals

These are a little strange come to think of it. I discovered this craft awhile ago when I was mailing some letters, I thought of the separators between the stamps and how they always get thrown away so I decided to make something from them. And what better then weaving them together to make a super cool envelope seal.

You will need:

A book  of stamps (from the post office, look at picture number 1, you need a book of stamps that looks something like that one, notice the little separators between the stamps, be sure to get stamps with these separators) also (you don’t actually use the stamps, just the separators)

Wax paper

Basic Supplies

Skill level: 1          Time to make: 15 minutes

Lets make it:

  1. Peal the separators from the book of stampsIMG_3556
  2. Cut the separators in half (instead of cutting the separators in half you could use 2 books of stamps)
  3. Stick 4 of the separators onto the wax paperIMG_3557
  4. Weave the other 4 separators into the 4 sticking on the wax paperIMG_3558IMG_3559
  5. Push firmly on the design (this helps it come off in one piece)

Peal the design off the wax paper, here is how it should look when it is finished


Put on an envelope and enjoy!!! Isn’t recycling awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to go a step further then using 2 books of stamps with a head picture (with a barcode) cut off the barcode and cut up that picture, these are my favorites to make 🙂

Here’s a pic


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