I love pompoms! They are one of the easiest crafts to make. I know that I had pompom bunnies a few posts ago and you probably learned the technique there but I wanted to give you some of my other ideas as to what you can do with pompoms! Anyway lets get started!

What you need:

Yarn, any yarn, thick, thin, fuzzy, or soft, whatever yarn you wish

Basic Supplies

Fabric Scissors (for cutting the yarn)

Thin cardboard, poster-board, cereal-box cardboard, whatever you have on hand,

If you choose to do some of the variations you may need other things

Level: 2       Time: 5 minutes per pompom

Lets make it!

  1. Cut the cardboard into a 3 by 4 inch rectangle
  2. Decide whether you want a large pompom or a medium pompom
  3. If you want a large pompom wrap yarn around the 4 inch side and go to step 5
  4. If you want a medium pompom wrap yarn around the 3 inch side and proceed to the next step
  5. Wrap yarn around whichever side you decided 75 to 100 times (the thinner the yarn the more you should wrap)IMG_3523
  6. Cut the yarnIMG_3524

7. Slide the yarn off the cardboard and a lay it on a foot-long piece of matching yarn

8. Tie a very tight knot (if you are a kid then you may need some help here, this knot needs to be very, very tight!) IMG_3528

9. Cut the loops and trim so that your pompom looks like a pompom! Keep trimming till it looks right!



Now that you are finished you may be wondering what you will do with your pompom, here are a few variations:



Leave a few loops when you are trimming, attach some jump-rings and a key-ring for a cute fashionable key-chain!



Find the string that you tied the pompom together with (the knot that had to be very, very tight 🙂 ) and attach a hairpin


Wrap 20 times with your first color then cut the yarn (in steps 5 and 6) then 20 times with your second color and cut the yarn and so on until you have wrapped 100 times (or as many as you want)

Another option is to wrap a color 50 times, cut the yarn, wrap another color 50 times and finish pompom, this way you have only 2 colors

Their are loads more ways that you can use pompoms! If I can then I will put more ways but give me ideas by commenting below or in on the projects page of my blog! Enjoy!!!

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