{Fall Inspired} Capsule Wardrobe

Hello everyone! With Labor day already gone, it is truly feeling like summer has come to an end. But I’m definitely looking forward to some cooler weather! And today, I’m going to be sharing some ideas on how to create a capsule inspired wardrobe, inspired by fall!

So what is a capsule wardrobe?

Ever feel like you don’t have anything to wear, yet you have a closet full of clothes? Same! A capsule is a collection of clothes that you want to wear, and enjoy wearing. It doesn’t have to only have 5 pieces of clothing, but it also doesn’t need 50. Whatever works for your lifestyle, and clothing style.

Before we get to the actual capsule part, I’m going to take you through some quick steps, in creating your capsule!

1. Sort.


Get everything out and lay it on your bed or wherever. Sort all your clothing into 4 piles:

  1. Yes! – I would wear it right now!
  2. Maybe. – I might wear it if I have nothing else to wear?
  3. No. – It 1) Doesn’t fit. 2) Doesn’t work for my lifestyle. 3) I just don’t like it.
  4. Seasonal. – I love this, but it isn’t for this season.

Keep the Yes! items, donate the No. items, and put the season items in storage. What about the Maybe. items? Put those in a separate box for a month, and see if you miss them. If you do then bring them back and re-evaluate them, if you don’t miss them, the consider the No. items.

2. Analyse.

Next make a list of 5 things that you didn’t like about the No. items, and 5 things you do like about the Yes! items. Save that list for the next time you go shopping.

If you noticed any colors that you didn’t like or that you did, then make a list of those too.

You should start seeing your style evolve after you’ve got everything cleaned out!

My personal style is: casual and classy, mostly neutral colors with a touch of sporty thrown in.

What’s your style?

3. Shop!

The fun part! After you’ve finished your capsule, spend about a week evaluating what you need. For example, you love these shorts, but you wear them so much you need another pair. Put that on your list.

Once you’ve made a list of the things you need, take that list and the color list and No/Yes list with you to the store.

While you’re shopping, shop intentionally. Don’t just shop because you see something you like, shop because you need and you are shopping to fulfill that need.

Also, make sure to try on the items you purchase, this helps you get a better feel for them. For example, if soft and comfortable was something on your list, make sure that item is soft and comfortable. Compromising on what you want while shopping, only wastes your money and time.

Now that we’ve gone through the steps, let’s give an example of a possible capsule wardrobe. (inspiration taken from my wardrobe)

Disclaimer: These are only about half of the items in my wardrobe. But they are some of my favorites and the ones I use mostly on a day to day basis. Another thing is that I have a few of the same things in different colors/styles, and was just too lazy to take pictures of them all.

Let’s get started!


Find Me Here!


Find Me Here!
Find Me Here!


Find Me Here!



Find Me Here!






Find Me Here!
Find Me Here!

Jackets and Sweaters:

Find Me Here!


Find Me Here!


Active wear:

Find Me Here!


Find Me Here!




I hope you enjoyed looking through those, and they gave you a somewhat basic idea of what a capsule wardrobe is and how it works! Also, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. If the photos didn’t have links under them, then I couldn’t find them. If you clicked any of the links, then you’ll probably know where I like to shop. XD Old Navy, Kohls, JCPenny, and a few other places. XD

Have a wonderful day!

Watercolor sign-off.





17 thoughts on “{Fall Inspired} Capsule Wardrobe

  1. This is an awesome idea! I feel like I need to update my wardrobe, since it’s packed with clothes but every day I always have to search the laundry for better things to wear. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you snuck into my closet Hannah! Naughty naughty! 😝 But seriously though, I love these outfits. They’re so cute. Thank goodness my birthday is coming up….time for a new wardrobe. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ooh, this was great, Hannah! Funny, I started a capsule wardrobe last month! I love it so far, and now I’m shopping for fall clothes. It’s so nice to have a closet that isn’t cluttered and has clothes I love, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know I love capsule wardrobe’s! It’s so nice to have clothes that you like and that function for you! 😉


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