How To Blog When You Don’t Feel Like It

Hey guys! Let’s admit it: We all have days when we just feel unmotivated, no matter what we do. Everyone has days when they don’t want to blog, don’t want to run, don’t want to sing, or don’t want to do whatever they do. It’s just a part of life. And it’s fine if your blog (or your running, singing or whatever you do) is just a hobby, but if you’re looking to turn your whatever you do into a business, you can’t just “quit” when you run out of inspiration. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my favorite ways to keep you’re inspiration flowing, even when you don’t feel “inspired”

Chat Over Green Tea | Episode 1

Hey guys! I’ve seen sooo many other bloggers do little rants/discussions like this, and decided to try it out for myself. I love sharing my thoughts on things and doing debates with people on them. Today’s topic is: Imaginative or Practical.

playing around w/ aesthetics

We’ve Transferred Sites:

Hey guys! Today’s post is gonna just be a short one – but still a fun one! I’ve been making a lot of these lately, they’re fun to make when you’re bored, need some inspiration or just want something fun to do. Basically you just go on Pinterest and look up stuff your interested in, then save the images, take them into a photo collage maker (I used befunky, because it’s free and you don’t have to sign up for anything) and make them into collages!

New Collection | Comfy Cozy Are We – Now Released

Guyyssss! I’m so excited that finally the new collection is released! It’s full of soft textures (and lottsa pillows) and muted bright colors.

Christmas 2018 + Q&A

Hey guys! Goodness, this is late! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and of course a happy New Years! And of course, here I am with the very un-original Christmas haul post – that almost every blogger does. (although I actually haven’t seen a lot of them this year, for some reason? XD)

I Choose Joy

The holiday’s are now officially over. What is there to look forward to, a freezing cold winter?

Let me ask you a question. Are you happy? Like really, are you happy? Or are you like the person above, who is a total pessimist.

What if there was a better option to trying to find things that made you happy all the time?

Goal Setting Tips For 2019

We’ve Transferred Sites:

Don’t you just hate it when you feel like you don’t get anything done, day after day after day? It’s super annoying isn’t it? Well I’ve written this post for you my friend! Let’s get into it!

Thoughts On Right To Life // Short Essay

Hey guys! Most of you probably know that October is national Right To Life month. My church was actually having a competition for 8th graders, to enter you had to write an essay with the title, “What Right To Life Means To Me.” I had 

4 Unique Pen-Pal Ideas + Tutorials

Hello friends! You guys seemed to really like my last pen-pal post a while ago, so I decided to do another one, this time with some super special + unique ideas for your pen-pals!

Giveaway Winner!

Hey guys! Remember that giveaway + my shop’s grand opening that I announced a few weeks ago? I just want to take a minute to say thanks for how awesome that day was (and the next few days as well XD) And today I’m excited to announce the giveaway winner!