Thoughts On Right To Life // Short Essay

Hey guys! Most of you probably know that October is national Right To Life month. My church was actually having a competition for 8th graders, to enter you had to write an essay with the title, “What Right To Life Means To Me.” I had originally saw the notification for this competition in our church bulletin a few weeks ago, and had forgotten about it. Then out of nowhere I wanted to write a blog post about the same topic – having completely forgot about the competition. I started writing it, but never finished because I thought it didn’t make sense, wasn’t good enough etc. Then my mom mentioned it to me, and asked if I was going to write one.


After all this, I was finally like, “Ok God, it seems like you really want me to write this essay. I’ll write it.”

And I did.


I have no idea if I won or not. TBH I don’t really care that much, I just hope that it inspires someone who needs it, when they need it.

So, all this being said, I thought I’d share it with you guys today. Oh, and I did include some pictures so it would be more interesting! 🙂


What Right To Life Means To Me

By Hannah Snoke.


Every single second about two people die. And about four people are born. All six of those people are equally important. But often we don’t really think about it. Let’s imagine two different couples. One set is a couple who just had their first baby. They are both tired, but super happy. The second couple is a sad wife as she watches her husband die from cancer. And it all happens in just a split second. And here you are in that second, reading this essay. Maybe it’s not exactly the example I pictured, but it’s probably something close.


Think about that. Right now, as you are sitting (or standing) here reading this, there is more than one person dying and more than one person being born.


Every single person who dies in this second and every single person who is born in this same second – they are all equal. Ever single one of the. It doesn’t matter whether they are born in a big hospital in California or in a tiny slum in Africa. It doesn’t matter if they have dark skin or light skin. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.


Let me ask you a question: Do you think God cares if we have dark skin, or if we are living in a giant house, or if we are using food stamps just to get by. Do you think that matters to Him? No.


What matter to Him is where our heart is. Are we loving the annoying kid who just won’t stop bugging us at school? What about your sibling who just can’t pick up his dirty basketball uniform? Or maybe it’s your neighbor. She DOES rake up all the leaves in her yard and puts them in your yard because it’s YOUR tree that drops all its leaves in her yard.


There is a famous acronym WWJD? (what would Jesus do?) What would Jesus do with the annoying kid, the stinky basketball uniform, the leaves. Would he value those people in your life who you just can’t stand? You bet.


A person is a person, no matter how small. -Dr. Suess.


A person is a person. No matter where they are born, how much money they have, where they buy their clothes, what their house looks like, what color of skin they have, how old they are, how young they are, what gender they are, how much they weigh.


There is never an excuse why you should not treat a person like a person. Like someone God has created. Someone that God has created for a special purpose and a special mission. This is what right to life means to me. It means treating every single human being like a person – like someone who God created, because they are a person and they deserve to be treated like a people.


I hope that was interesting to read and that it made sense.

Always know that even if you feel like no one else cares about you and you feel like you are worthless, that someone always loves you – more than anyone on earth ever can. {God}

Have a great day guys!


P.S. My blogging friend Eleanor wrote an awesome post about a similar topic, make sure to check it out here.

P.S.S. I know the corn pictures are kind of irrelevant to the subject, but I don’t have any other pictures, so I just decided to use these! 🙂

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