October Recap // Monthly Recap


Hey guys! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful month! I can’t believe that it’s already November – guys where does time go? Next thing we know snow is going to flying (maybe not) Anyway, today I’m here with another one of my monthly recap posts. I’m super excited, because at the end of the year I’m going to have 12 recap posts, so hopefully I’ll remember a lot of what happened this year. 😀

-The Goals From Last Month-

Let’s see how I did!

  • Launch my new business.
  • List 2-3 new products per week.
  • Write 10 posts.
  • Read 5 books.
  • Finish my novel.
  • Exercise and wake up early 6 days a week.
  • Keep up with school. (mostly)
  • Take at least 100 good pictures. (I took over 1000)
  • Write some letters.

I didn’t do too bad, actually! XD

-What I Did Do-

  • Launched my new business and had a giveaway!
  • Took almost 3000 good pictures.
  • Started an email list.
  • Almost finished a Christmas Collection.
  • Listened to a lot of music.
  • Redesigned my blog and made it more a lifestyle blog.
  • Made some art – and many ATC’s.
  • Started waking up early.
  • Got my ears pierced.
  • Started going to youth group.
  • Made some new friends.


-Posts From This Month-

The Grand Opening of The Striped Plaid & Co. + Giveaway **CLOSED**

A Typical Day In The Life Of Me Q&A {Collab W/ Laura @lulaboo}

Import Blog Updates and News!

What Are Email Lists? + Subscribe To Mine

Giveaway Winner!

4 Unique Pen-Pal Ideas + Tutorials

Recent Happenings #4

Neutral Color Vibes // Fall Photoshoot

Art Lab Episode 61 // Distressed Modern Art Technique

Thoughts On Right To Life // Short Essay

Which post was your favorite from this month? My favorites were Neutral Color Vibes and What Are Email Lists? + Subscribe To Mine.


I took a lot of pictures this month, but I’ll only share a few of them here. 😉

Some of my mom’s cousins invited us to go see their combine harvest and my siblings took rides on the combine as well. 🙂



We went during “golden hour” so everything was super gorgeous outside! 😀


I love this next picture that I took of Leo. He is already so much bigger than in this picture taken only a few weeks ago.


Oh and I still love these pictures I took of myself on self-timer at the beginning of October:





I hope you guys liked those. I tried to single them down to only my favorites, because there was so many!

-Favorites From This Month-

Favorite Items From This Month:

(click on the pictures to be taken to the listing)

Juniors' SO® Button-Front Shirt

This plaid shirt is literally the bomb. It’s so awesome guys!

Screenshot (47)

I wear these light wash skinnies almost every day! They are so cute and so on trend right now! 😀

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, Set of 24

Oh and last but not least, these primsacolor pencils are so amazing. Totally the best pencils that I’ve ever used!

Favorite Music From This Month:

Like I said above, I’ve been listening to a lot of music this past month, here are some of my favorites!

-Looking Into November-

Goals For November:

  • Celebrate my 2 year blogiversary on Nov. 3. (wow)
  • Get Thanksgiving products listed and finish my Farmhouse Christmas Collection.
  • Keep exercising and waking up early.
  • Get a few more sales on my Etsy shop.
  • Continue blogging – for fun and not as work.
  • Participate in this challenge.
  • Find time to start working on my book, and hopefully strive toward getting it finished.
  • Enjoy a nice Thanksgiving break. (mostly a break from school XD)
  • Buy some combat boots and oversized sweaters. XD

I hope you guys have had a wonderful month and will have another wonderful one!

Also, good luck to all my writer friends participating in Nanowrimo this month!


P.S. Today is actually my blogiversary. Thanks for an awesome 2 years, I’m excited for 2 million more.. XD

27 thoughts on “October Recap // Monthly Recap

  1. Happy blogiversary to you, Hannah! 💕 I’ll be celebrating my two year blogiversary in January 😊 My favorite post of yours was the Neutral Color Vibes photoshoot! Ooh and ‘Dream For You’ is such an amazing song!
    Here’s to November! I hope you have a great month!

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  2. Congratulations on two years of blogging, Hannah! I still remember your blog when you just started it and I’m so glad that you’ve continued blogging!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy blogiversary, girl!!! I agree this year has just flown. HOW is it November?! Easily the quickest year ever. Seems like you had such a fun time with your family. These pictures are making me nostalgic for Ohio (where I grew up!). What a wonderful, month, Hannah! And sooo productive. Thanks for sharing, love! XO

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy blogiversary Hannah i love the jeans and top there PERFECT toghether but maybe a darker color but not black like dark redish or brownish will flash the jeans Hannah!

    Liked by 1 person

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