4 Unique Pen-Pal Ideas + Tutorials

Hello friends! You guys seemed to really like my last pen-pal post a while ago, so I decided to do another one, this time with some super special + unique ideas for your pen-pals!

Washi Tape Garland


I love this idea. Of course you could put the garland on the envelope, but what about putting itΒ in the envelope? I love the idea of receiving a letter (especially for a birthday) with a pretty washi tape garland that I can hang at my desk and remember the friend that sent it to every time I sit down to do school/write/blog/work/etc.

Adult Coloring Book Envelope.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t judge an envelope by it’s outside. Especially an envelope like this that has colored adult coloring book page as the inside. A handmade paper outer layer would be really cool too! πŸ˜€


Start by coloring a coloring page, or using one you already colored. πŸ˜‰


I used my envelope maker (fancy, i know, my grandma got it for me and it’s handy) But if you don’t have an envelope maker, then just carefully take apart a regular envelope and trace it onto your color page.


You could also do this with a map – which would be super neat! πŸ˜€

Song Lyrics Postcard.


Have a favorite song that you share with your bestie/pen-pal. Or a good one you just found that you want to share with them? Well, just write the lyrics on the front of a piece card stock cut to the size of a postcard 4″ by 6″) and write the lyrics neatly on the front! πŸ˜€

Balloon Messages.


This is always fun for a birthday! (not if you’re aΒ germophobic, read on XD)



Then hold it (or twist it) in place and write with a sharpie your message. Let the sharpie dry for as long as possible. Otherwise, once the balloon shrinks the writing will smear.


Deflate the balloon and you’re finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Would you like to see more pen-pal ideas in the future?




38 thoughts on “4 Unique Pen-Pal Ideas + Tutorials

  1. OOooh the balloon one sounds so cool, you could always blow it up with a pump so no germs involved. And the garland you made if very cute… I might have to make one for myself XD.

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  2. I love these, Hannah! Especially the coloring page one and the washi tape garland! Allison and I have colored a few pages together in the past when we’ve been pen-pals, but I didn’t think of using a page as an envelope!

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    1. Aww, thanks for the offer, but I already have almost 6 other pen-pals already, so I’m afraid that adding another one would be to many. I hope you can understand.

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