DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case (without resin)

Hey guys! Every summer for the past couple of years, I’m sure you’ve seen the pressed flower phone cases literally everywhere. And it makes 100% complete sense! They’re adorable, inexpensive and supposedly easy…right? The problem is, I haven’t been able to find one good tutorial on how to do them. So, I decided to make an easy tutorial that doesn’t require you to glue flowers to a phone case (or your phone XD) and all you need is a clear phone case and some pretty flowers!

Summer In Review {2019}

Hey guys! Can we just start this post off by saying the last day of school felt like just yesterday!? Guys, it’s been such an amazing summer and I’m so excited to share about 15 highlights of my summer with you all today!

Golden Glow {Golden Hour Photography}

Hey guys! I’m so excited for you to see this photoshoot! Summer golden hours are just so pretty, everything is lush and green with a golden glow over it. I took so many photos (like really, so many!) that night, but I’ve narrowed it down to around 40 of my favorites, which I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through. 🙂

Scrolling Through My Camera Roll – Recent Happenings ft. Tulip Poplar Co.

Hey guys! How has your summer been going? It’s been super hot over here, so lots of swimming, and outdoors activities have been going on. (and inside things too, yo it’s really been hot and humid #ac)

10 Lifestyle Tips & Things To Do This Summer

Hey guys! Happy Friday! 🙂 You guys absolutely loved my last lifestyle tips post, so I decided to do another “summer edition” one, featuring tips for long summer days and also some intentional things to do this summer, whether it be making a memory video, DIY’ing polaroid prints, or starting a vinyl sticker waterbottle, this post is packed full of fun boredom busters and summer hacks.

Recent Photography | A Favorite Song

Hey guys! Who else just adores summer mornings!? I certainly do. There is this glorious time between about 6:30 and 7:15 that is just gorgeous to do photography in. This post kind of is two parts, 1) Garden photography and 2) A favorite song of mine. I was originally going to post the song here, but it’s kind of long, so I decided I’d do it over here. 🙂

Summer Stars (aesthetics)

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little different than what I usually do, but I just love how these aesthetics turned out, so I (obviously) had to show you guys! The aesthetics are inspired by summer stars / nights. I took inspiration for these from my love for summer sunsets (and golden hour), and also from a few (failed) attempts to do my own star photography.


Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these “life update” type posts in a while, and since I think they’re so fun to read (and write) I’m sharing this one with you guys today.

Vacation OOTD Ideas ft. abby @sunshinesoul

Hey guys! Today I’m pairing up with Abby at her new blog Sunshine Soul for this vacation OOTD ideas post. I’ve been super excited for this, and I actually took the photos for this post while on vacation. Let’s get into it!

15 Ways To Make Money This Summer As A Teen

Hey guys! Making money can be so tricky sometimes, am I right? And I mean, everyone has things they want to buy, or maybe even need to buy. Even if you can’t get a “real” job, or maybe just want a more flexible one, these tips will be helpful for you!