Scrolling Through My Camera Roll – Recent Happenings ft. Tulip Poplar Co.

Hey guys! How has your summer been going? It’s been super hot over here, so lots of swimming, and outdoors activities have been going on. (and inside things too, yo it’s really been hot and humid #ac)

First of all my grandparents have an RV, so usually we’ll go to the campground, and hang out in the summertime. It’s quite fun, as there is a pond for swimming, another pond for fishing and various other activities. Most summer weekends we spend at least a few days out there.

My little sister wanted to go fishing, and so I took her, isn’t she just adorable!?

I do wish that the pictures weren’t so sunny, but it was late afternoon / evening, so what could I do? XD

While she fished I got some pictures both of her and the scenery around.

I just love country landscapes. Especially warm, golden ones. 😉

Next up, I traded some ATC’s with Laura and Clara, and I was taking pictures of the ones I was sending them, so here is one that turned out the best. The lighting on the other ones (and even this one) is horrible, because I was taking them at night.

Courtney from Tulip Poplar Co. was so kind as to send me a few of her stickers to review, so I’ll be highlighting them a few times throughout this post. For the review: The stickers are super high quality and hold up super well. The designs come through well and are very beautiful. The stickers are also a nice size, perfect for your laptop, waterbottle, notebook, etc.

Here are a few of my favorite stickers:

My grandparents own a coffee house and my dad owns a rental next to it that he’s working on fixing up, so the other night I was over at the coffee house and I took the opportunity to snatch some aesthetic photos while I was there, because we all know that I love aesthetic photos. XD

Floral Sticker Credit: Tulip Poplar Co | Calvin The Cow Sticker Credit: Laura

I absolutely love visiting coffee houses, they are always so cute, and let’s just say that they always seem to have the most amazing food. #bagels

My ATC wall has kind of halted progress for a few weeks here, since I’ve just been so extremely busy, but I’m hoping to get back to do consistently making ATC’s and doing the photos. I should have a bunch of time, (read the next point) to make ATC’s now though. XD

I ended up stress fracturing my leg, so now I’m on a boot and crutches for a month, which is not super exciting, but oh well. The worst part is that I go up a ton of steps every day, and now it takes forever and is a ton of work. Haha.

I’ve recently started working on my business again. I’m working on updating the design and such, and adding some fun new products. A few months ago I realized that I had conflicting audiences which was causing problem. My blog audience was and still is teen girls and young women, but my shop was geared more toward middle age women. It just didn’t work. So I took a break and really worked on refocusing things.

Now I’m back and kicking, I’m working on some new scrunchies and quote cards. I’m sooo excited for you guys to see them. I’ll be sending out emails with coupons, new products and sales, so make sure to subscribe here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this sort of random post. I always love writing these types of posts. 🙂

💙 Hannah

24 thoughts on “Scrolling Through My Camera Roll – Recent Happenings ft. Tulip Poplar Co.

  1. Don’t worry! We love random posts 🙈💖
    Sorry to hear about your leg! Please take care of yourself!

    I wish you can make a post addressing the process of how you make your products … 🙈

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  2. Your little sister is SO. CUTE. Also, YAYAY!! I am so excited for new items in your shop! *goes and checks wallet* I’m ready! XD Your Grandparents coffee shop looks so cool! What is the name of it? I hope you leg feels better SUPER soon! 😀 I loved this random post! 🙂

    -Laura ❤ 🙂

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    1. Wooooh busy life! Oh no, I’m so sorry about your leg 😬 I hope it heals soon. Remember that amidst the busyness you need to rest! We can’t have a burned out Hannah 😆 also, happy birthday! (And those stickers are really cute too hehe)

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