10 Lifestyle Tips & Things To Do This Summer

Hey guys! Happy Friday! πŸ™‚ You guys absolutely loved my last lifestyle tips post, so I decided to do another “summer edition” one, featuring tips for long summer days and also some intentional things to do this summer, whether it be making a memory video, DIY’ing polaroid prints, or starting a vinyl sticker waterbottle, this post is packed full of fun boredom busters and summer hacks.

1 . Don’t Have A Polaroid Camera?

Polaroid cameras are really a “thing” in the summer, but let’s face the facts, they can be super expensive, not to mention the film you have to buy. 😬 The good news is that Pinterest has a bunch of free Polaroid mock-ups, that are awesome, and totally work for decorating.

2. Stack Those Bracelets.

The one consistent summer trend is friendship bracelets. They always seem to come back year after year. Sure cowrie shells and celestial jewelry will eventually go out of style, but those friendship bracelets keep coming back year after year. Go buy a pack of thread and get making.

3. Cut Jeans Into Shorts.

If you’ve ever followed a Christian lifestyle / fashion blogger, you’ve probably heard this tip. But it’s a good tip, and that’s why I’m mentioning it.

4. Keep Yourself Hydrated.

And I don’t mean just drinking water. (although that’s super important too) You need to put lotion on your skin (yes even in the summer) so if you get burnt then it won’t be super flaky (or it’ll at least be not as flaky)

5. Make A Budget For Vacation Spending Money.

Most of us overspend at least somewhat when on vacation. It’s so easy just to buy junk because it looks appealing in the moment. Having a budget will keep you more organized and accountable.

6. Conquer Some Projects.

Don’t just watch Netflix all summer. Maybe you’ve been wanting to paint your bedroom, start a garden, do some babysitting. Summer is the time to do it. Just think before (most of us) know it we’ll have at least 7+ less hours of time (wow, that was confusing XD) to spend due to school. So go paint your bedroom, start a garden, babysit, whatever!

7. Do Something Intentional With Friends.

This one is more of a challenge than a lifestyle tip, but it’s such an important one I had to include it. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a Bible study, book club, or something else with some friends. I challenge you do find something you can do with friends / siblings that is intentional, rather than just “hanging out”

8. Clean Up.

Hehe, here’s where I need to start practicing what I preach. I’m really hoping to clean out my closet and sell some of my clothes before summer is over. It’ll give me some extra cash (hopefully) and also a fresh start for fall.

9. Make A Memories Video / Scrapbook.

I absolutely love the idea of creating a memories collage of some sort, whether it be videos, pictures, or printing off pictures and arranging them into a scrapbook. It would be so fun to go back over the years and watch / look at.

10. Start A Collection.

Ok, I know. Boring right? Not really, actually. I love collecting stickers on my waterbottle from places I’ve been, inspirational quotes, and just fun graphics!

What are some things you’re hoping to do this summer?

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

πŸ’™ Hannah

24 thoughts on “10 Lifestyle Tips & Things To Do This Summer

  1. Woahh! Now I’m ready for summerπŸ’› Making a budget for summer is just the right idea, I always waste my money on stuffs I think is important.
    Great post!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ohh! These are some awesome ideas! πŸ˜€ I really need to make some friendship bracelets! They look so cute! Great post! πŸ™‚

    -Laura ❀ πŸ˜‰


  3. #6 is what I need to do this summer. I particularly want to get a handle on blogging and find good ways to attain the funds I need to support myself financially. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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