My Dream House – Reimagined

Hey guys! A few months ago I posted my dream house tour, and tbh, it wasn’t super detailed and I’ve seen some things on Pinterest that I love so much more than the ones in that post. For today’s post I’ll be reimagining my original dream house.

Street View / Landscaping:

I love the classy charm of this house, it’s pretty modern, but it’s still so classy, and I think there is a touch of boho farmhouse in it with the green doors, which I would switch to natural wood. XD


I really believe that the entryway in any home should set a tone for the feel of the house. I love the relaxed, minimal and colorful, yet cohesive and warm + inviting feel of these entryways.

Living / Family Rooms:

Living Room:

I’d prefer more color and a fuzzy rug, but I do like this living room.

I really love this one, but again, I’d bring in a little more color.

For some reason I really want both a family room and a living room. Likely because I’d rather have a set room for entertaining in that doesn’t have a TV, but also a room for a more casual setting, or family time with a TV.

Family Room:

Since it’s supposed to be more of a casual atmosphere in a family room, rather than the more formal atmosphere of a living room, I’d go with more pillows, blankets and cozy spaces, (along with the most necessary element: a fireplace)


I love clean white kitchens (even though I’ve learned from experience that they are tons of work to keep clean XD) but they are just so pretty, especially if the walls are subway tile. πŸ˜›

The second photo is too rustic for my style, but I do like a few of the elements. The first photo is literally my dream kitchen. The thing that really draws me to both of these kitchens is the color and the openness. One thing I really want is something that is clean and white, has natural wood elements, and COLOR. So many farmhouse designs leave out color, then things just looks so bland.

Dining Room:

Yes, I do like the idea of having a table, and some stools in the kitchen, and yes. I still want a formal dining room. I just think that when you entertain you don’t want people to be sitting at the counter and at the small table in the kitchen trying to have a conversation. You know what I mean?

Master Bedroom:

I love this, but I’d want more color.

Guys, I love pillows, blankets, soft rugs, and all things cozy way to much. It’s kind of becoming a habit already to frequently buy new pillows.

Naturally I’d want the master bedroom to be the epitome of cozy, but without too much stuff everywhere.

Master Bathroom:

Oh my goodness, I love this bathroom. It’s not the in least bit practical, but it would be a wonderful luxury.

Guest Bedroom:

For a guest bedroom, I’d want something that could work for pretty much anyone. I’d want it to feel warm and inviting, but also clean and minimal. I love the storage bins at the end of the bed and the bedside tables, for maximum storage.

Little Girl Bedroom:

I love how cute and girly the blush pink is in this bedroom. I pretty much love everything about this room, especially how dreamy it is.

Teen Girl Bedroom:

If she liked boho ^ this would be a perfect bedroom, but if she liked things more neat, then a more organized space would probably work better.

Boy Bedroom:

I feel like this is a bedroom that could “grow up” from the time he was little to when he was older, as I would be easy to change out the decor.


I prefer a more minimal office, mostly because when everything is super cluttered I find it hard to work efficiently.

Can you tell I love blankets on chairs?

Laundry Room:

If I have more than a handful of kids I’d like having a washer and dryer upstairs, and one downstairs.


Guysss, how on earth did that get so long!? If you are still here you get the most patient reader award, because wow! XD I do hope you enjoyed look at these though.

What would you consider your style? I’d consider mine some combination of boho modern farmhouse.

πŸ’™ Hannah

P.S. Guys I just got to thinking, you know how I do different themed aesthetic posts? What if I designed different styles of houses? Would that be something you guys would like reading?

P.P.S. I think you already know, but a little fyi, I didn’t take any of these pictures, they’re all from Pinterest. πŸ˜‰

30 thoughts on “My Dream House – Reimagined

  1. Ahh so pretty! I love all of these, except I go for more blue and less patterns. Also yeah, my aunt has 8 kids and two sets of washers and dryers, and they are ALWAYS going. Smart idea, Hannah. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I love it! The second teen girl room is so cute! I love these kinds of posts. I also like you new(ish) profile photo. You’re so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are all so gorgeous! I love the laundry room so much! I also love the dining room and well, all of them! XD I think I would like a farmhouse type house! This was super fun to read by the way! πŸ˜€ Awesome post! πŸ˜€

    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚

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  4. Yay, I get the patient reader award πŸ˜€ XD I actually really enjoyed this! Most lifestyle blogs bore me but yours is extremely well-done and I was intrigued through this entire post! 😍 Your dream house sounds gorgeous!

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