Blogging 101 Pt. 1

Hello there! You guys seemed to really enjoy my last blogging tips post here so I decided to do another one, but this time on blogging! If you are a beginner blogger then this is for you! 🙂 I will also be guiding you to a few other blogging tips posts at the end of my post!

My Answers to your Questions!

Hello everyone! As I announced in my last post, I am doing a Q&A to celebrate 200 followers on my blog! Today I thought it would be fun to show you my answers to your questions!

American Girl DIY’s // Beforever Edition

Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to do a Beforever Edition of American Girl DIY’s. I have a special craft for each of the American Girl Beforever dolls, including Kit, Maryellen,  Samantha, and Melody!

Review of Samantha’s Nightgown!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first AG review! I would do more reviews, but I don’t have a ton of AG stuff. Mostly I make new outfits for my dolls or buy them from less expensive company’s. (I do have a lot of GOTY Grace stuff, but since she is retired it would do no good to post a review)


Paint and Pens #9

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Paint and Pens episode today we will be making

Paint and Pens #8


Hello everyone! Welcome to another Paint and Pens episode! Today we will be making some super cute

Paint and Pens #6

The final! I am so sad! 😦 😦 But look out next Monday for a fun new season!

Anyway, Hello Everyone! Today it is obviously the final and I have decided to do something super special! A galaxy ATC how to!

Paint and Pens #5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Paint and Pens episode!

My BIBPC Category #4 entry+ County Fair Photos!

Hello everyone! Megan let me join her BIBPC contest (long story made short: Someone dropped out of the contest and Megan kindly let me enter)



The theme was celebration, so here is my photo, the celebration of the fair! And no, I do not own a drone, or an airplane, but I did ride the Farris Wheel and got the picture from the tip-top of the wheel!

Here are some more photo’s of the fair:


Me on a super crazy ride! (photo credit: my dad)

I also did flower arranging at the fair, they have this on the spot free, flower arranging contest for kids 9-13, they have a senior group for 14-18, and they have a 0-8 group for the younger kids!

I won 5th place for the 9-13 group!

Here is a photo of me with my arrangement:


Here are some photos of my arrangement:


I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was kind of (really) short!

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Go team Coconut!


Email Lists!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I got the idea from Charis  about starting an email list!