Email Lists!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I got the idea from Charis  about starting an email list!


So, what is an email list anyway, I mean I am already following you!

An email list lets me contact you more personally, to let you know about giveaway’s, sneak peaks, it also helps me let you know that I am away, or won’t be posting for a week!


If I join the email list then will anyone else know my personal information?

No, no one else will know your email address, name, or anything else about you!


Do I have to be a user to join your email list?

Nope, you can be a user or not, you just must have an email address!

Can I subscribe to both?



Here are some more notes:

  • I will email once every week, every Friday!
  • This email will be filled with fun surprises, giveaway’s just for email subscribers, paint and pens sneak peaks!
  • Sign up below!


Sign up to MY email list here:

Thank you so much for subscribing!



15 thoughts on “Email Lists!

  1. Just did! One thing I thought I’d like to point out: I don’t really know who you’re replying to some of the time? Since all your replies are just in the bottom in a row.

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  2. I don’t exactly understand how to subscribe to your email list. Do I have to go to a website to do it? Sorry for me not understanding. 🙂

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    1. Maybe I didn’t make it very clear, just enter your first name and email address into the form above!
      Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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    2. OK! Now I am subscribed to your email list! Also I have another question. When I get emails from you do I respond to them?

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    3. Thank you! Yes! You can respond to the emails, but you don’t have too, for example if there was a giveaway just for subscribers then you would respond to enter!
      Of course you can just tell me your thoughts and ideas as well!

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