Paint and Pens #6

The final! I am so sad! 😦 😦 But look out next Monday for a fun new season!

Anyway, Hello Everyone! Today it is obviously the final and I have decided to do something super special! A galaxy ATC how to!I got this idea from Allison  I wanted to make mine look more like a galaxy then a sunset over a lake though! I like how mine turned out even though it is very different from hers!

Lets get started with the tutorial!

Today we are going to be creating a galaxy ATC! Be sure to cover your workspace as splattering paint can get messy!

Note: Please prepare a blank ATC, some acrylic paint, and a paintbrush for today’s project.

Start by painting around the edges of the ATC with a dark blue or dark purple color


Then add a lighter (but still dark) blue or purple. I like to use an old paint brush to mix the colors together, creating a more realistic effect.


Repeat step 2 until finished just get a lighter color each round.


I know what you are thinking here, it doesn’t look at all like a galaxy it more looks like a mess!

Next take that old scraggly paint brush dip it in a little bit of white (just a LITTLE BIT) and paint diagonally up and down the card! This creates a simply amazing effect!


It is starting to look amazing!

Here comes the really fun (and messy part) SPLATTERING PAINT!! Ok so just take a rather long paint brush dip it in white paint and splatter that paint!


THIS IS THE MOST FUN PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can add some extra larger stars if you want but you don’t have too, you could also add a moon if you like.



Let dry and you have an awesome and super easy ATC!




I hope you enjoyed this last episode of Season 1 of Paint and Pens!

The next upcoming season theme is:


















Fall Fiesta!

Nope there is no sneak peaks! You just have to wait till next Monday!

What are your thougts

What did you think of the season Artist Trading Cards?

Did you enjoy it?

What was your favorite episode?

Are you excited for Fall Fiesta?







21 thoughts on “Paint and Pens #6

  1. I’m glad you were inspired by my tutorial thingy! 😀 Ooh, it looks pretty! I love those colors, and I also love galaxy things. 🙂 I enjoyed this season, Hannah, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll post for the Fall Fiesta one! 😀

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