Summer Recap + Goals for Fall/Winter!

Hello everyone! I just realized that I haven’t done a summer recap yet! I also wanted to post some goals for Fall and Winter of this year!

I really love Allison’s and Clara’s Summer recaps so mine is mostly going to be picturesPublication1


I made lots of ATC’s this summer!


I also did Haley’s ATC Trade   (above: the cards I traded, below the cards I received)




I went to Washington D.C. and saw some pretty amazing things!



Photo credit: my dad

I won 5th place for my flower arrangement at the county fair!



(another picture of the fair)



Lots of pictures of Grace!

Lots of beautiful flower photography!



Gaining 50 followers and having a giveaway!

Receiving so many tags and awards-thank you so much!

Participating in Megan’s BIBPC contest

Here are some other things that I did this summer that I don’t have pictures of:

  • Many fun memories with my extended family at a campground
  • Swimming in a pond nearly 3 times a week!
  • Going to horse camp
  • Turning 12

And much more……………


I wanted to share some goals with you for fall/winter of this year:

  • To gain 100 followers
  • Keep going with my craft series
  • Get a new camera
  • Finish redesigning my blog!
  • Add more graphics to my posts
  • Make more better quality posts!


Well that wraps up today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it!


What did you do this summer?

Did you go swimming a lot?

What are your goals for the end of this year?



14 thoughts on “Summer Recap + Goals for Fall/Winter!

  1. Good morning! Those are good goals. Your Aunt Karen and I had lunch yesterday and then drove around the fairgrounds to see what was happening. It was really kind of sad to see the whole place empty after being so busy during the fair. It wasn’t completely empty, though. Near the south grandstand, there were three semi trailers. One had ticket booths loaded on it and the other two trailers had fair rides on them. I’m surprised that they’re still there.

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  2. I really like this! I think I will do a recap on my blog. I did go swimming but only once in my town public pool. I went on my road trip to Columbus Ohio. My Mom, Dad, a friend, and me played instruments at the fair. I didn’t do a ton of stuff this summer. I will tell you my goals for fall/winter in my recap post. What is a BIPC?

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