Review of Samantha’s Nightgown!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first AG review! I would do more reviews, but I don’t have a ton of AG stuff. Mostly I make new outfits for my dolls or buy them from less expensive company’s. (I do have a lot of GOTY Grace stuff, but since she is retired it would do no good to post a review)

Anyway,so I decided to do a review of Samantha’s nightgown!

To start out here are some pictures:

(Note: My nightgown is actually missing a button. It did not come like this, someone young pulled it off)


I love the little rainbow that came with this picture 🙂



Probably my favorite part of this nightgown is its attention to detail. It is so beautiful!


I also love the cute pompom slippers that came with the nightgown!


The little ruffles are very even and beautiful!


The back closes with Velcro (sorry for the bad quality photo)


What are your thoughts on this dress?

I really like it! I don’t know exactly if it is appropriate to the time period or not but I think it looks good on contemporary and historical dolls!

What could be improved?

Sometimes I feel like the pompoms on the slippers could be sewn on a little better. And I think they should have included a hair ribbon or two!

What was your favorite part?

I love the attention to detail on the top of the dress! The lace and the bow are really beautiful!

Would you recommend this dress?

Yes! I am really pleased with this product!





So, what did you think of the review? Would you like to see more reviews?

Have an awesome day!

Sign off










13 thoughts on “Review of Samantha’s Nightgown!

  1. I love this nightgown! I feel like sometimes AG overprices bad quality clothing. I am trying to make AG clothes Instead of buying them.

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    1. That may be a good idea, although I don’t really think that this piece of clothing was super overpriced and it was definitely a high quality item 🙂

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