American Girl DIY’s // Beforever Edition

Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be fun to do a Beforever Edition of American Girl DIY’s. I have a special craft for each of the American Girl Beforever dolls, including Kit, Maryellen,  Samantha, and Melody!

So let’s get started!

Here is a little overview of everything that we are making today

Samantha: Petit Fours.

Kit: Newspaper.

Maryellen: Sketchbook.

Melody: Freedom Banner.

I didn’t do all of the Beforever characters because I thought that it would be too much for one post, so I will do another Beforever Edition with the rest of the characters some other time.


I thought these cute petit fours would fit just right with Samantha, they are easy to make and really adorable!

Note: I am using Sculpey 3 clay


Start with 2 balls of clay, one should be about an inch in diameter and the other about 2/3″ in diameter.


Slightly flatten the larger ball into a square shape.


Roll the pink ball into 2 long, thin strips.


Carefully place the 2 thin strips onto the large square shape and bake according to the directions.






As soon as I looked at Kit I knew a newspaper would be perfect! I think that a few of these would be so cute rolled up or tied together!


I already had vintage newspaper cardstock, but if you don’t then you can use some of the real newspaper or write out your own newspaper on cardstock!



Maryellen is such a unique character that it was hard thinking up a accessory for her, but in the movie she draws pictures for kids in the hospital so, voila a sketchbook!


Stack some 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch pieces of paper together. You can draw on them if you want!


Stable together


And add some decorative tape!





At first I wasn’t sure what exactly I should do for Melody and so I decided on this simple, but cute Freedom Banner!


Start with a 3″ by 11″ piece of cardstock


Begin an accordion fold



Squirt some hot glue on the back side of one end of the folded paper


And stick down a craft stick!

(sorry for the terrible lighting on those last 2 photos)





I am also planning on doing a DIY Nanea Grass Skirt which I have some really great ideas for!

Which craft was your favorite? Do you have a favorite Beforever doll?  Would you like to see a Christmas Edition of American Girl DIY’s?

Have a great day!

32 thoughts on “American Girl DIY’s // Beforever Edition

  1. These were so cute! My favorite is the newspaper, I’ve made one of those! Hmmm, favorite BeForever doll, probably Rebecca or MaryEllen, but I love them all! I’d love to see a Christmas AG DIY! 😀

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