Art Lab Episode 33, Using unique materials for Art!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to say that I have joined The Art Lab! I am looking forward to creating artwork and posts with this beautiful group of girls! Today I wanted to share some fun ideas of mine for getting creative with unique and atypical materials that you might just have at home!

When you think of making an ATC you probably don’t think of using salt, but yes, salt and watercolor make an amazing and unique look! Just sprinkle some regular table salt on wet watercolor, let dry and look at what has happened!

This next one is really unique, we were studying chromatography in school and trying to see what colors are in fall leafs. Nobody else wanted the chromatography strips, so I took them and made a really cool ATC!

I love the idea of using old book pages for an ATC, and for the one below I actually embroidered around the edge!

This next one is also made out of an old book page, and I added some embellishments as well!

I also love the idea of using music sheets to create ATC’s!

Drawing Mandala’s on ATC’s is not only relaxing, but also very fun!

Using some tea is fun and makes a really good smelling ATC! I did supplement a little paint for this one, just to bring out some color, but mostly the color is from the tea!

I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading!

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18 thoughts on “Art Lab Episode 33, Using unique materials for Art!

  1. These are lovely Hannah.
    I’ve decided I need to get a life – as a plant biologist and chemist I found myself trying to identify the pigment compounds in your chromatography strips…..


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