Welcome Winter // A photoshoot

Hello everyone! Lately it has been really wet and cold out, not so great photo opportunity’s 😦 Anyway the other day I took Grace outside and had a mini little photoshoot. I got a few good photo’s of Grace in different outfits, so I hope you enjoy!


So I just had to do this, I thought it would be cuter but the rake is a little oversized!


I love the lighting on this one!
I also really like this, it was taken on my sidewalk!

Also, I have discovered that I have a slight obsession with taking pictures of dolls shoes:


Haha!! And one last picture, the last rose of summer! I thought it would be so cute if I got her to “hold it”

IMG_5406I know I have been posting a lot of photography things lately but I do have a crafts post coming up on Friday! Have a great day!

Sign off


19 thoughts on “Welcome Winter // A photoshoot

  1. WHERE DID YOU GET GRACE’S FIRST OUTFIT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really cute! You took great photos! I love your doll Grace. I didn’t have a chance to get her before that year ended. I can’t wait for your craft posts! When are you going to make more AG clothing DIY’s?

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    1. One of my friends actually gave the outfit to me, I think that it is one of those where you have an outfit for you and a matching one for your doll. Thank you so much, yes Grace is so so pretty. I hope to make some AG doll DIY’s soon, along with a special Christmas photoshoot! I just have been really busy lately!

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    2. OK! Thanks for telling! Cool! What do you want most for Christmas? I am going to get money so that I can save up for my new AG doll.

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