Recreating Anthropologie Décor + Free Printable

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but this time of year makes me want to curl up with a fuzzy blanket and some cute decor. One of my favorite places to get decor inspiration is from Anthropologie. Their stuff is so cute, and I love the whole aesthetic. The one problem is that it’s so expensive. For today’s post I’m gonna be sharing 3 decor (actually one is a notebook, but…) ideas inspired by Anthropologie.

Freebies – Free Floral {Boho Inspired} Printables

Hey guys! It’s been wayyy to long since my last freebie post, not to mention my graphic design skills have greatly improved. Hehe. I absolutely love boho designs, so I decided to go with that look for these cards and posters.

Free Watercolor Christmas Printable {My lil’ Gift For You}

Hey guys! Today’s just gonna be a quick post – but a fun one nonetheless. 🙂 I recently painted this cute watercolor swatch, and did a little tree with my brush marker. It was actually an accident, as I was trying to paint snowflakes for a printable, but then decided I liked this better. 😜

FREEBIES {Free Printable Posters + Free Printable Scrapbook Paper}

Hello everyone! Spring is in full swing, school almost out, and it’s totally gorgeous outside!! 😀 😀 And as you might have guessed from the title I’ve got a whole bunch of freebies for you guys!

Hillsong Concert + Free Printable Posters

Hey everyone! How’ve you all been? Recently I went to a Hillsong Concert! It was so exciting and fun! Today I’m going to be sharing some pictures + 3 free pintables of Hillsong Quotes! 

Free Printable Posters!!

Update: These posters are still available. BUT you can find hand-painted watercolor, and quote printables on the Freebies page once you follow me!

Hey. Hi. Hello. Ahh, I’m so super excited to show you guys this project I’ve been working on recently! I designed 7 super cute, quote, posters, that have additional watercolor and flower accents! I absolutely love them and think (and hope) that you will too!!