Hillsong Concert + Free Printable Posters

Hey everyone! How’ve you all been? Recently I went to a Hillsong Concert! It was so exciting and fun! Today I’m going to be sharing some pictures + 3 free pintables of Hillsong Quotes! I obviously can’t tell you where I went to see this concert but I will say that it was not in Australia XD but in a city about an hour away from where we live!

Also a quick note that these aren’t the best quality pictures ever. I used an I-phone to take them and I quite often had to zoom a lot to get them! 😉 And most of these photos have been edited at least a little bit!



This is one of my favorites!
Brook singing What a Beautiful Name It Is! (probably my best photo of her)





I like this too!





I definitely edited this one, but isn’t it really neat?




There was this really tall guy that was so conveniently positioned right in front of me. (you can probably see him in the above pic) I was quite glad when decided to sit down. XD



This is a (horrible) picture of the pastor who started Hillsong. Please look up a better picture of him. This one is um, awful.

I hope that wasn’t to boring! XD I was debating with myself on whether to post these pictures on my photography blog or on here and then decided to post them on here with the free pintables.

Also, the Hillsong artists don’t sign T-shirts. This was a little disappointing (for me at least) because I really wanted to get a T-shirt have it signed especially by Brooke.

I (my family) think that they don’t sign the T-shirts because they believe that God is the center and not them, which is totally understandable! 😉

However the Bryan Huston (the pastor who started Hillsong) was signing books.

So I decided to get a T-shirt anyway, and here it is:


Cute right?

The T-shirt used up a lot of my spending money (25$ to be exact) but it was worth it. It is tied up because it is a little big. XD


And now the part you’ve all been waiting for! More free printable posters!!

Watercolour splat


Isn’t this so pretty? It is from the song Wonder! You could also use this as a background for your I-phone! 😉

The next one I did in 3 different colorsTouch the Sky (blue)


Touch the Sky (purple)


Touch the Sky (green)


All of the “Print!” buttons take you to a pdf for easy printing! Please don’t sell these anywhere! 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos + the  pintables! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend (and look forward to a collab hopefully Sunday)

Have you ever been to see Hillsong?

What is your favorite song from Hillsong?

Do you enjoy free pintables?

blue flower sign off





23 thoughts on “Hillsong Concert + Free Printable Posters

  1. That is awesome that you got to see Hillsong in concert! Several of my favorites from them are “Oceans”, “Wonder”, “Cornerstone”, and “Shadow Step.” 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I love “Oceans” and “Wonder” but haven’t heard of the other two! I’ll have to check them out 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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