Free Watercolor Christmas Printable {My lil’ Gift For You}

Hey guys! Today’s just gonna be a quick post – but a fun one nonetheless. 🙂 I recently painted this cute watercolor swatch, and did a little tree with my brush marker. It was actually an accident, as I was trying to paint snowflakes for a printable, but then decided I liked this better. 😜

Christmas Free Printable Copyright


To download just click here.

I hope you guys enjoy!


45 thoughts on “Free Watercolor Christmas Printable {My lil’ Gift For You}

    1. Thank you! I painted the watercolor design, photographed it, then took it into Photoshop and made it into a graphic. It’s pretty easy, but I’m not that great at explaining it – if you want to try it yourself, maybe look up a tutorial on YouTube?

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    1. Hey Autumn, I do have Canva! I personally don’t like sharing my email address publicly in the comments, but you can contact me through my contact page, and I’ll respond with my email address. 🙂

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