Recreating Anthropologie Décor + Free Printable

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but this time of year makes me want to curl up with a fuzzy blanket and some cute decor. One of my favorite places to get decor inspiration is from Anthropologie. Their stuff is so cute, and I love the whole aesthetic. The one problem is that it’s so expensive. For today’s post I’m gonna be sharing 3 decor (actually one is a notebook, but…) ideas inspired by Anthropologie.

// festive pom garland //

I know this is supposed to be a Christmas decoration, but I love it for any time of year! I made mine all yellow, because it matched where I was hanging it in my room.

DIY Tutorial:

1 . Make or buy some yarn pom-poms. If you’re making them, be sure to leave the tails ON. If you buy them you’ll need to sew on tails.

Pom-pom making tutorial.

Pom-poms for sale.

2. Tie the pom-poms onto a clothesline piece or another type of thick string. I had some braided cord that looked the most like what they used, so I stuck with that. 😉

Annnd, that’s it! Super easy right?

Styling Idea:

// monogram journal //

Eeep, I love this! It’s such a fun gift idea. Anthropologie’s journal is colored faux leather, but I just used paper. If you want to have a leather one you could buy different colored faux leather, then cut it into the different shapes.

DIY Tutorial:

This one is pretty simple, just click here and choose your monogram. Then measure and cut the pieces. I found that a ruler and paper-cutter were super helpful!

Once you’ve cut the pieces, go ahead and glue them onto the notebook. I just used a basic composition school notebook, but it would be fun to experiment with higher quality journals to use as gifts. 😉

This would be a fun back-to-school project – decorating notebooks for different classes.

// fall party garland //

I made the colors of mine a little different, but if you’re tech-savy you could definitely design some in different colors.

DIY Tutorial:

Just print off the below freebie, cut, punch some holes and hang!

This was by far the easiest, and pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to include it because I thought it was just too cute to pass up! I also tried printing these on kraft paper cardstock and they turned out so well – I just wish I had a picture.


If you’d like to use the exact design I used, then you can download it for free here!

Note: Since there are 26 designs the pdf might take a minute to load. So yes, it does work, it just might take a minute. 😉

Annnd that wraps it up! I hope you guys enjoyed these 3 little tutorials! If you’d like to see me (try 😉 ) to recreate other decor, let me know! Also, a few months ago I made a post with a tutorial on how to recreate Pura Vida bracelets, so if you haven’t read that yet, go check it out!

💙 Hannah

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