The Ultimate DAD & GUY Gift Guide 2020 Edition

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I always have such a hard time finding gifts for my dad and just guys in general! I feel like girls can be easier to buy gifts for sometimes, because you can kind of think of things you’d like yourself, but guys… not so much. Lucky for you though, I’ve searched the internet and found all the best gifts you can get for all the guys in your life! Everything from cozy coffee mugs to fun backyard sports – this gift guide has got it all!

Thread Wallet Phone Case $30 – These are so convenient and if blue isn’t his color they have a ton of other options!

navy stainless steel mug with "do good work" printed in gold with silver carabiner handle

Magnolia Market Do Good Work Mug $12 – Super creative and a great guy mug!

Patagonia Men’s Better Sweater $119 – Who wouldn’t love this fleece!? I think it would really work for most any guy and it’s a classic gift!

13 in 1 Multitool Knife $15.99 – This is another one that I think could really work for any guy! It’s super affordable and it’s something they’d definitely use!

Spikeball Game Set $55.99 – I’m pretty sure most guys I know love this game! It’s a perfect gift for friends, dads, brothers or cousins!

Radiate Portable Campfire $30.99 – This one would make a great gift for any outdoorsy guy, especially for winter!

Pinch Provisions Gym Kit $24 – This is a great value for the price and I love how classy it looks!

DrySteak Wraps

Drysteak Wraps For Dry Aging Steaks $29.99 – I think this is the ultimate dad gift for any dad who loves grilling, plus it would be something fun for him to try throughout the winter when it’s harder to grill!

Barbecue Grill Light $25.99 – Another great gift for any dad who loves grilling!

Iron Flask Waterbottle $23.95 – Definitely manly enough to not be a “hydroflask” waterbottle, but still super good quality and I think it looks cool!

Wireless Charging Station Dock $29.99 – Perfect for charging all his gadgets at once!

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker $89.95 – This speaker looks super nice (and it’s waterproof!) , but there are a ton of other speakers out there as well at different price points, depending on how much you want to spend!

Amazon Smart Plug (works with Alexa) $24.99 – Any gadget & tech loving guy will absolutely love this gift!

Ultra Slim Power Bank $29.99 – This would work for really every guy! I mean, who doesn’t want a portable phone charger!?

Winter Sports Touchscreen Gloves $16.99 – These look so high quality and nice! Plus, they have the touchscreen feature which makes them that much more useful!

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler $199.98 – Any guy I know would absolutely love this! It’s another one of those classic guy gifts!

Cable Cord Organizer $8.99 – Great stocking stuffer and something that any guy would use!

Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case $14.98 – Great gift for any runner or gym lover!

Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Low Profile Swoosh Embroidered Perforated Baseball Cap

Logo Baseball Cap $31.95 – A high quality baseball cap that any guy is sure to love! Nike, Under Armour and Champion are all brand’s he’ll love!

There you go! I hope this gift guide will help you girls finding all the gifts for guys this year!

Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides as well as the last one that’s coming out on Friday!

❤ Hannah

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate DAD & GUY Gift Guide 2020 Edition

  1. Cool! I agree that guys seem much harder to find gifts for. I would love to buy my dad a nice gift, but I don’t know exactly what to get him. He just got a bluetooth speaker, and he basically has everything else on this gift guide, out of the things he would actually use, lol. Still, thanks for the ideas!

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  2. This is a nice list…
    My dad is nearly impossible to buy for. He doesn’t like getting clothes for Christmas, but he also doesn’t like getting things he can’t use. And if there’s something he actually wants, he buys it himself…


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