Mother Teresa: The Picture Of Love

Hey guys! Valentines day is now upon us, (chocolate, yo!) and everyone is thinking about love 😍. Mother Teresa had a different view of love than many of us have. She viewed love as more than chocolate and roses.

You see, when most of us think of love, we think of chocolate, roses, our boyfriend/girlfriend, our friends, or someone else who’s special.

But when we think (or at least when I think) about Mother Teresa, I think about someone who gave everything for others. True sacrificial love.

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What I’m saying is this valentines day, what if we thought outside to box when it comes to love. What if we focused on smiling at the weird person, or the cashier at the grocery store, or the annoying sibling, or neighbor, or the friend who is just so annoying.

It’s not that chocolate, roses, boyfriends/girlfriends, friends or anyone/thing else is bad, actually most of the time these things are good things.

What if we focused on giving them something as simple as a smile, it could change their day, it could change their lives.

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Last year Charis had a great idea of putting little notes in library books, then returning them, it’s such a great idea, so make sure to go check her post out!

Valentines day is so much more than just the stereotypical. What if we started thinking about valentines day as a day to celebrate loving others, instead of ourselves?

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Today our culture is so absorbed in “self love” or in “relationship goals” that we can hardly see what real love really looks like. (no, i’m not trying to be legalistic, and taking care of yourself, and/or having a great relationship is not a bad thing)

However the whole idea of our culture is: ME ME ME. How can I please MYSELF? Instead of God’s idea, “How can I love others?”

As (i hope) you can see Mother Teresa is an amazing role model for all of this, especially on Valentines day.

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And (of course, ya saw it comin’) I designed some cute little printables with Mother Teresa quotes on them. They’re a gorgeous neutral light pink, so they’ll match pretty much everywhere.

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So what’s so awesome about that?

They’re 50% off right now, which means you can get them for $2.50 each. I am gonna keep them in the shop all year (not just for valentines day) but the day after valentines day, they’re all going back up to $5.00, so grab em’ up while they’re on sale!

I hope you guys have a great valentines day, and that this post was (as least somewhat) inspirational.


Which quote is your favorite? What are you doing for Valentines day?

8 thoughts on “Mother Teresa: The Picture Of Love

  1. So very true! I like the point you are making. My family doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s day because we see it as very worldly holiday, why have just one day to celebrate love?

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    1. It began as a day to commemorate the death of St.Valentine. But now it’s been changed to just a day for celebrating love and affection. I’m not saying it’s wrong to celebrate Valentine’s day, Maria, I just don’t see much point in doing it. I think it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. It’s just my opinion.

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