November Recap

Hey guys! This month has just flown by hasn’t it? I can’t believe that tomorrow’s December. The other day, I was planning a new collection for the shop, and I just couldn’t believe that I was writing January 2019 on the schedule. 2019 feels like a weird number for some reason. Why? I donno, maybe because 2020 feels like a really weird number. And 2020 is just a year away? Anyway, better live in the present, right? So today is November 30 2018. We still have another month to mull over the weird number 2019.

-The Goals From Last Month-

  • Celebrate my 2 year blogiversary on Nov. 3. (kinda)
  • Get Thanksgiving products listed and finish my Farmhouse Christmas Collection.
  • Keep exercising and waking up early.
  • Get a few more sales on my Etsy shop.
  • Continue blogging – for fun and not as work.
  • Participate in this challenge. (ugh, I made a few, then totally forgot.)
  • Find time to start working on my book, and hopefully strive toward getting it finished.
  • Enjoy a nice Thanksgiving break. 
  • Buy some combat boots and over sized sweaters. I bought those combat boots the 1st day of November. 👌

Pretty good if I do say so myself. XD

-What I Did Do-

  • Redesigned my blog. (guys I love this new theme, so elegant, easy to use and just lovely)
  • Got a few more sales on my Etsy shop. (especially during cyber week)
  • Baked a lot for some reason?
  • Kept up with using my planner and exercising.
  • Started doing more Bible time in the morning, which is awesome.
  • Mostly kept up with school.
  • Listened to a lot of Christmas music.
  • Bought a lot of things? For some reason? Actually I know why it seems like so many things, because I bought things for my business, and a few Christmas gifts. I think I only bought like 3 things for myself.

-Post From This Month-

October Recap // Monthly Recap

//New Collection In The Shop// Introducing the Farmhouse Christmas Collection

{Defining My Style} // Fall Outfit Ideas

-We Have Been Made Ready-

Blogging 101 Pt. 3 {Lessons Learned}

{Celebrating} Small Business Saturday

My Wishlist 2018 + My Favorite Christmas Music

I only posted 8 times (including this post) which wasn’t to great – but I did enjoy posting all of them, and they were all good quality, so that’s exciting. Oh and for my favorite, hmm, it was probably We Have Been Made Ready – just because I love the idea of that. 🙂


I didn’t actually take a ton of photos this month, but I thought I’d share a few of the ones I did get.





I hope you enjoyed those 🙂

-Favorites From This Month-

Favorite Music:

-Goals For December-

  • Work on the new collection releasing in January. (I want to have all the products made before the end of Christmas break, so I can just work on photographing them, and listing them, so I can have everything come out on time.
  • Make at least 5 sales.
  • Add at least 15 more products other than the ones for the collection.
  • Write more blog posts – for fun this month.
  • Start using Pinterest.
  • Work at doing whatever I do well. Whether it be with my blog, Etsy shop, school, writing, music, whatever – just work at doing it well.

How was your month? What were some highlights?

I hope you guys enjoyed this and have a wonderful December. 😀


23 thoughts on “November Recap

  1. I love those pictures of you, Hannah! The lighting is spot on and your smile 😍💜 you have such a pretty smile!
    I’ve been thinking 2019 is a weird number, too… 🤔 and I don’t think there’s anything exciting I can do once I turn 19, so I’m not too stoked about the year. 😂 2021 will be fun, since I can legally drink wine starting that spring, haha! (That got off track, I know…)
    Wishing you a beautiful December! Can’t wait to see new products in your shop 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD That’s funny that we have opposite goals. 😛 I mainly want to use it to promote my shop and posts though – but I’m sure that I’ll waste some time scrolling thru it XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well I’m late but it looks like you had a good month! And I really love the changes around here! Oh, and the last goal – work at doing things well – that’s a very good one! I tend to do a mediocre job at things sometimes. Heh.

    Liked by 2 people

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