….. {little things} …..

How often is it that we look at something and say it is simply beautiful? In a world where TV, video games, friends, and many other things take over the simplicity of what God has given us. Imagine that you could receive one of two gifts:



That brand new video game that just came out and that all your friends have. or. A small wildflower, that your younger sister lovingly picked for you.



The answer might seem kinda obvious, I mean, why on earth wouldn’t you choose the video game, it’s more expensive, you’ll get a ton more use out of it, etc.



Or maybe it’s not a new video game for you, maybe it’s those expensive new art supplies, or the latest I-phone, or those expensive clothes, or that amazing cruise. Whatever your “thing” is, just think about it for a minute.


Here are some questions to ask yourself as you think:

Does this thing honor God?

Will this help my relationship with God and other people?

Why do I want this? 


Once for school I was asked to write an essay answering the question: If you were a doctor and had the chance to go on a week-long vacation to the Bahama’s or to a small town in Africa, helping the sick children and their family’s, which would you choose? Why?


I’m not going to tell you my answer, but just think about that question. What would you choose? You don’t have to tell me, or tell anyone, it’s really between you and God.


This month I’m trying to think little, rather than big. Even if that little means something as small as saying thank you to my mom after dinner, or going to visit my grandma who is sick and in the hospital, or baking cookies for the neighbor, or WHATEVER!


Think little my friends. Thank God for the little things, a beautiful day, the rain, the sunset, family, friends…


Maybe writing down these little things that you are grateful for will help, during those times when we want all those things that (insert name) has. I hope it does help.

I really hope that this little message inspired you. I know I don’t often write posts like these, but I’ve really been thinking of this one lately, and decided to post it for you guys. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Watercolor sign-off.

P.S. I apologize for not following my schedule very well, I totally forgot to post (not to mention I was exhausted) during camp. XD

16 thoughts on “….. {little things} …..

  1. Beautiful and inspirational post Hannah. We take too many things for granted to start with and often don’t notice the small things. The small things often mean more. God has given us everything also eyes and a heart to notice the small things.

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  2. Hey Hannah!
    Thank you for posting this. What a great reminder! I’ve been learning this lesson, especially this past year. Stuff will always be around. But people won’t. It’s really important you have your priorities straight, and set on Christ so you can focus on things that really matter. Like people. 🙂
    A little girl I babysit has a neat perspective. Once I found her staring at a picture of her parents above the doorway. I said, “what are you doing?” She said, “isn’t that beautiful?” 😊😍
    When I asked her what her favorite animal is, she said it’s a baby seahorse. When I asked why, she said because it’s cute. 🙃😉 She often reminds me to notice the little things. 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

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