playing around w/ aesthetics

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Hey guys! Today’s post is gonna just be a short one – but still a fun one! I’ve been making a lot of these lately, they’re fun to make when you’re bored, need some inspiration or just want something fun to do. Basically you just go on Pinterest and look up stuff your interested in, then save the images, take them into a photo collage maker (I used befunky, because it’s free and you don’t have to sign up for anything) and make them into collages!

I Choose Joy

The holiday’s are now officially over. What is there to look forward to, a freezing cold winter?

Let me ask you a question. Are you happy? Like really, are you happy? Or are you like the person above, who is a total pessimist.

What if there was a better option to trying to find things that made you happy all the time?

….. {little things} …..

How often is it that we look at something and say it is simply beautiful? In a world where TV, video games, friends, and many other things take over the simplicity of what God has given us. Imagine that you could receive one of two gifts: