My Novel Pt. 2 {Novel Writing Tips + Snippets}

Hello friends! Writing a novel is a ton of work. LIKE A TON! Today I’ll be listing 4 tips to help you with your writing and to also help you stay motivated! Plus the dreaded skipped through snippets!

The Penderwicks At Last {Book Review}

ATTENTION: This Post Has Some Spoilers In It, Read At Your Own Risk!

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago the last Penderwick book came out: The Penderwicks At Last. I’ve really enjoyed all of the other Penderwick books before, and actually did a review of one here. So as you might have guessed, I was super excited to find out what eventually happened to the girls, and though I was a bit disappointed, this book had a great ending! 😀

My Novel Pt. 1 {Planning + Snippets}

My Novel Pt. 1 {Planning + Snippets}

Hello everyone! You may or may not know that I’m currently working on a novel! I’ve been wanting to share my plans with you for a while now and finally decided to do it today.