Chat Over Green Tea | Episode 2

Hey guys! I absolutely love doing these casual kind of “chat” posts. They’re so fun, and I think it’s a great way for you guys to get involved! Today’s topic is basically just a really random life update / rant, so let’s get into it!

Wrapping Up Blogging 101 Podcast

Hey guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed Blogging 101 Podcast! I can’t believe we’ve already come to the last week of it. Today we’re going to be talking about encouraging your followers to engage on your blog and also why it is crucial to have an email list for blogging success. I’m so excited for you guys to listen to today’s module!

Optimizing Your Blog + What Does Cohesive Even Mean? | Blogging 101 Podcast

Hey guys! Have you ever wondered how to begin marketing your blog? How bloggers find keywords that people are actually searching for to use for their posts? Or have you ever wondered how bloggers make their brands (Instagram photos, blog posts, shops, etc.) all the same? Or how they color coordinate it?

Creating A Drop Dead Gorgeous Brand + Why Photography Is Important | Blogging 101 Podcast

Have you ever wondered how those big brands do it? Do they have a professional graphic designer design there blog? If they design it themselves, what programs they use? How the heck is it all color- coordinated? Or how they get those stunning, crystal clear photos? How do they edit them? How their Instagram always looks so polished?

Blogging 101 Podcast Module 2

Hey guys! Welcome back to Blogging 101! Today’s module is all about posting and creating content for your blog! Creating good, high-quality content for your blog is one of the most important things for steady growth and creating an audience. I’m so excited for you guys to listen to this!

Blogging 101 Podcast Module 1

Hey guys! Welcome back to Blogging 101 Podcast! Today’s module is all about how I started my blog (funny story) choosing a topic for your blog, what’s most important when you’re first starting out and actually a bonus episode the bof (burn’t out fast) road. This module is aimed at beginner bloggers, but it truly has something for everybody!

Blogging 101 Podcast | Week One: Intro

GUYS!! It’s finally here! After almost 2 months of recording and editing, Blogging 101 Podcast is finally here! Eeeep, I’m so excited for you guys to listen to this!