Blogging 101 Podcast Module 2

Hey guys! Welcome back to Blogging 101! Today’s module is all about posting and creating content for your blog! Creating good, high-quality content for your blog is one of the most important things for steady growth and creating an audience. I’m so excited for you guys to listen to this!

Included In This Module:

Episode 1 – My Old Posts vs. My Recent Posts

Episode 2 – Answering Your Question: How Often Should I post?

Episode 3 – Answering Your Question: What Should My Posts Be About?

Episode 4 – Answering Your Question: How Long Should My Posts Be?

Episode 5 – Answering Your Question: Why Is Posting Consistently Important?

I hope you guys enjoy this week’s module! Have a wonderful week guys!

Also, if you haven’t submitted any assumptions about me yet make sure to go do that here!

Love you guys,


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