Blogging 101 Podcast | Week One: Intro

GUYS!! It’s finally here! After almost 2 months of recording and editing, Blogging 101 Podcast is finally here! Eeeep, I’m so excited for you guys to listen to this!

Also, go subscribe to the email list because all email subscribers are getting an entire extra module: How To Integrate Your Blog W/ Your Business. And I promise, it’s gonna be on of THE BEST modules. So don’t miss it, and go subscribe today!

Alright, so here’s how this podcast thing is gonna work. Every Monday I’ll be posting a new module that will be between 20-45 minutes long. (don’t worry, if you miss a week all the modules will still be available) Each module has 3-5 episodes in it. Each episode has a little music pause in between. There are 10 modules total, plus the bonus email list only one.

This week you’re just getting the quick 30 second intro, but next week you’ll be getting a full 30 minute module.

The modules cover pretty much everything to do with blogging from starting out to branding to engagement to your email list.

Also, this is totally 110% free. Yep, I’m giving away my best-kept blogging secrets to you all for free.

Why? Because I know how it is being a beginner blogger (or even an experienced one for that matter 😜)

Let’s face a little reality: Bloggers don’t make any money when they’re first starting out.
In fact, they spend a lot of money on their domain, marketing, and all the other headache that comes with starting a blog.

And I was that beginner blogger once-apon-a-time. (not that I’m some super experienced one now :P) And I was broke. I didn’t take any blogging course, and also didn’t get a follower for 5 months. And my design? I wish I had a screenshot of it. (I mean, not that I even knew that screenshots existed)

So the point of that all is: I’m giving this as a free gift to you because I really truly believe that it’s going to help you and I know that if you’re a beginner blogger you don’t have a million dollars to spend on a blogging course.

Alright, so here we are! I hope you guys enjoy this short lil’ introduction before we get into the actual training next week! Enjoy!

Are you excited for the podcast?


21 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Podcast | Week One: Intro

    1. YAY! Congratulations!!! That is such an accomplishment ❀️ Keep up the amazing work!!! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† And you should definitely do a giveaway @1000!!

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